Sail Away & Roll With it on TMI

Sail Away & Roll With it on TMI

With whom would you like to take a bath?

I like my bath all to myself – deep – bubbly – some essential oils – candles – and a nice glass of something which involves alcohol. 

If you want to pop in and have a chat that’s fine. Or some mellow music. Bath time is wind down time for me. I adore the warmth of the water against me body and I often masturbate in there too.

You are, on a motorcycle, riding hard down a country road, wind in your hair. Who is the hottie on the bike with you? Are you riding or driving?

That would never happen. I am a great believer of safety on the road so the wind would not be blowing though my hair, I would have a helmet on. Also you would be hard pushed to get me on a motor bike now a days. Far too dangerous. Sorry to be a killjoy.

Baking naked – who is kneading your dough?

Ah my man is naked and baking, That’s the best scenario as he makes wonderful cakes and bread. In fact here is an actual video of him kneading.


Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with me! Who is joining you for a sexy sea adventure?

Oh dear I am not doing too well this week as I get dreadfully sea sick so it is very difficult to get me any where near a boat let alone on one.

“I got your back.” Hands down who do you fully support, stick by no matter what, Who are you willing to help at all costs?

One of my grown up kids. They stuck by me through stormy waters and I will always do the same for them.

Bonus: Belly button– inny or outty? Are you going to show us?

Its an inny – though when I was a youngster I think it was an outty. Here’s a photo I prepared earlier 😉

sail away

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4 thoughts on “Sail Away & Roll With it on TMI

  1. Fun read, and a cute video, reminds me when I used to throw pots, kneading the clay to get the bubbles our was my least favorite part, but kneading dough to bake something nice for a lady I would love go do. Sexy inny too, nice edit.

  2. I’m with you on the bath – definitely a place for soaking and relaxing. Never found one big enough for two… to have any decent sex in. Not that one didn’t try when younger of course, but one soon wised up fast. A wet bath is slippery and dangerous!

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