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Over to the wonderful Barefoot Sub for a guest sex toy review.

Sometimes I surprise myself. Then I look back and realise that it was, perhaps, a foregone conclusion.  

Let me explain…  

Balls to it…

A little while back May More got in touch and asked if I would like to test a product from the Satisfier range for her. She sent me a list and I chose the V-balls. A set of balls designed to train the pelvic floor and so provide stronger orgasms. I was surprised as, on paper, these were the least exciting prospect. No vibrations or thick insertion, not something I could hold in my hands and lust after. Just a set of three pairs of balls to strengthen and tone.

But, of course, it was the promise of what they offered that caught my attention. One of the first items in my collection was a set of jiggle balls. I have had a lot of use out of them. But poor storage on my part led to the silicon degrading and put them out of action. Their replacements didn’t have the same effect and so I have been without balls for a while.  

This set offered something different. 


The weight of each set of Satisfyer V Balls is 79.3g (regular), 114.1g (skilled) and 150.3g (advanced). I looked forward to seeing what the fuss was about, and also how hard my internal grip would need to work. Each set is 6 inches long, from tip of the silicon finger loop to the top of the second ball, but the balls themselves make up half of that.  

When the postman delivered my package I was surprised at the weight, he certainly looked relieved to offload the package. I hadn’t quite got my head around how they would feel, but in my mind they were lighter. Inside the box I found three sets of balls each nestled in their own section of the moulded plastic inner. There were instructions on how to train; an exercise programme of sorts, with images to replicate and a recommended time limit of up to 15 minutes.  

Instruction to using Satisfyer V Balls

The only person I take instruction from is Sir, so naturally I did my own thing initially.  

Taking the lightest set in my hands I noted that the internal weight was static, unlike “jiggle balls” of the past. I was also interested in the shape. Yes, they are balls, but slightly squished, they have a kind of swirl up each side which means you can almost screw them in. If you’re as excited to try them out as I was this reduces the need for the recommended lube.  

Satisfyer V Balls

Getting Started

I went about my day with this first set in place. Having not worn balls for a while I was very aware of the effort needed to keep them in place. But I knew this was just the start and so I kept going.  

As with all Satisfyer products that I have tried this has soft, smooth and ever-so-slightly-draggy silicone. Insertion and removal is simple and… pleasant… Cleaning them is a cinch too, I used hot soapy water. This is great news as the first set were used intensively over the course of the week.  

It wasn’t until I moved on to the second weight that I started to do the recommended exercises. I really got the feel of the balls then, and I was glad of the extra strengthening as walking around with them in place was proving much more challenging too. It took me a couple of weeks to build up to running with them in place, and anyone that passed may have wondered why I had such a silly grin on my face!  

Training hard with the Satisfyer V Balls

When I took the final leap to the weightiest set I impatiently decided to take them for a run. How hard could it be? Just a 5k, but a pretty route that wasn’t too challenging. I was fine for the first mile and a bit, running at a good pace for me. Perhaps the weight distracted me from my screaming lungs as they warmed up, but as I turned to follow the trail through the woods it all fell apart. I suddenly became very aware of the pummelling my pelvic floor was enjoying. I’m no stranger to running with balls, but these were suddenly very heavy!

I slowed down considerably but continued on my way. I was almost at the furthest point. There didn’t seem any point in turning back, and I hadn’t taken my pack so there was nowhere to store them if I removed my tormentors. Focusing on my internal grip as well as my foot placement was a fun way to pass the remainder of my outing, and I felt mighty smug when I arrived home and relieved my tired muscles of their burden. 


Now for the bit that I was most curious about. 

During the weeks of training I had been unwell and rarely sought release. When I did it was with the urgency of a woman who needs to orgasm but lacks the desire for true pleasure. No sooner was I better than Sir requested an edging week. I wasn’t allowed to cum, but I was required to play. This is one of my favourite games. Over the course of a week I can build into a needy, dripping mess who swears and cries and experiences the pain of an orgasm that isn’t allowed to surface. I have never experienced this on day one. Ever! 

Until I had trained with these

If you have experienced edging to it’s fullest then you will appreciate the way that everything swells and shimmers and builds. The delicious temptation of an approaching orgasm and, after a number of non-orgasms, the pain of stopping on the edge of oblivion. On the first night of edging, in fact the first crest, my muscles gripped and begged and ached for release. The tears rolling down my cheeks and the swear words pouring from my lips are testament to the effect that training with these for a month gave. 

I have since been permitted release and am happy relieved to inform you that the intensity experienced with the edging practise was no coincidence.  


These balls are a welcome addition to my toybox. I shall continue using them, though not as intensively as before. And I don’t think I will be running with the “Advanced set” in place again, unless I am also wearing a plug, and have nowhere to be in a hurry.

Over to May More…

I want to say a massive thank you to the Barefoot Sub for this intriguing, unique guest review. This is not a sponsored post. I sent the toy to Barefoot in exchange for an honest review.

Barefoot messaged me saying,

These balls have revolutionised my orgasm, I’m chuffed to bits with them.”

The balls retail at under £23 so they do look excellent value for money.

The barefoot sub can be found over at A Leap of Faith reminiscing about her self-discovery through kink while also sharing smut that is yet to happen. You can find her over at Twitter, usually getting distracted by the filthy GIFs, and occasionally on instagram, where she is almost always covered in rope.

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4 thoughts on “Running with the Satisfyer V Balls ~ Guest review”

  1. Oh Posy! I can honestly say that had I not asked May for a deadline I’d be still occasionally enjoying the first size. I look forward to hearing about your progress N x

  2. What a great review, both factual and fun. I feel shamed by you, however, as I bought some pelvic floor training weights over a year ago, and I haven’t even used the lowest weight very often yet, let alone progressed through to the heaviest! (as my PE teacher would say – could try harder!)
    Thanks for giving me a giggle and a kick in the rear Barefoot! I enjoyed this guest post May.

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