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Scored ~ a tale about Multi Tasking

I have a memory of my  first boy friend Jim.  He told me that sometimes he had to think about football whilst having sex with me.

Multi tasking at it’s best 😉

I wrote this story – fiction – about it…


“Hey Dave. Come on in.”

Fuck. Gill looks hot. I give her a peck on the cheek  as she shuts the door behind me.

I masturbated before coming over – to calm my rod but I can see she’s wearing stockings. That perfect, tender flesh between her thighs – bare. My knob has already escaped from my boxers and is pulsing as fast as my heart.

Turning into the sitting room I sit down on the carpet, resting my back against the sofa.

“Come and sit on the floor with me here.” I ask, eagerly.

She leans against my side and I can smell her perfume. The one from the advert with the black wild-cat strutting about on the pinnacle of a rock-face. Suits her. And she can certainly scratch. My back looks like a map of train-lines. Not that I’m complaining.

Slowly I ease her down on the shag pile – aptly named I hope – and she looks up at me with her warm brown eyes and smiles. Inviting me to kiss her.

We’ve been going steady for a year exactly. She is the sexiest girl I’ve ever been with. That number isn’t high, actually. I should say, she is far sexier than most of the chicks I meet when out with my mates.

My tongue explores her mouth. I can’t wait any longer and slip a hand under her skirt, pinging  the elastic on her suspender belt, a fortress. In response, she pushes her body into mine.

Sometimes I wonder if Gill realises how difficult it is being an 18-year-old guy. I think about sex all the time. Literally.

She opens her legs expectantly and my fingers sneak into her panties and past the silky hair, searching for the heat.

Wet, sticky and delicious.

Her own hand pushes against the substantial bulge in my trousers and tugs at the zipper. Time to help out – I strip. Naked from the waist down I urgently pull up her skirt. Sheer, white lacy panties greet me. This is too much for any man. No time to remove them. My balls are throbbing and the top of my cock already trickling with pre-cum

Snatching a condom from my shirt pocket I slip it over my engine and without any coaxing it weaves its way past her knickers and sinks deep into her cunt.

Gill moans and arches her back to take all of me.

Now the multi tasking begins. Because as much as I want to fuck her for my own pleasure, it’s only right that she gets off too. I want her to come almost as much as I want to feel my body shuddering as her cunt wraps round my hardness and sucks out the juice.

Grinding into her mound, so her clit gets rubbed on each pump of my dick, I start to think of the football results. If I focus my mind on something else, I don’t explode into the rubber too soon. What were the scores I heard on the car radio on the way over?

That’s right, Chelsea 2 – Arsenal 1.

Wolves 1 – Queens 3 or was it 2? Sure it was 3.

And West Ham 1…

Must kiss that pretty rosebud mouth. She has the best lips. Full and ripe.

Where was I?  West Ham 1 – Leicester City 2.

Ah god. She is digging her claws into my arse cheeks, pulling me in tighter. I don’t know if I can hold on. Let’s add work to the equation. The code needed for the refinery. Do they want the date structure programmed in?  Let me think about that while I grab Gill’s hips and push her legs higher so my cock probes even deeper into her tight pussy.

Back to the programming. Yes, I am sure Bill said to include the date format.

Gill mewls. She may be about to come. A few short hard thrusts may help. Coventry were really lucky today and got 3 goals.

And finally I have scored too, as Gill’s orgasm waves through her body. Keep going Dave – that’s right. Hard and fast. Coventry beat Derby.

Gill lays back, satiated.

Enough multi tasking.

Slowly pulling out, then hammering deep in to the warm flesh. Repeating and squelching with each stroke.

My climax starts to build in my balls, shooting all the way through my veins, making my head thump until my jizz fires out and I get the much-needed release. Collapsing forward, I pin Gill to the floor. Spent.

Gill 1 – Dave 1. But the night is young and so are we.

This story was first published in 2019 but has been updated for the meme below…


24 thoughts on “Scored ~ a tale about Multi Tasking”

    1. Well maybe you have always had a good deal of self control – I think a lot of young men find it difficult to hold back when they are new to sex – or did when I was that young too – interesting, perhaps it was the “era” 😉

      1. Self control certainly isn’t my strong point, I have had to come up with my own way to extend pleasure. I think it’s more because I’m not a football fan.

          1. You never know – I am always quite amused as to what people do want to hear about – maybe u should put it to a Twitter poll lol

  1. This is great May. I have heard of other people doing that with the football scores too. A humorous and enjoyable account 🙂

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