Seamed Stockings? Well tights and lights

Seamed Stockings? Well tights and lights

I love seamed stockings or tights. I like the way they look and the way they make me feel wearing them.

In world war two the girls would use an eye pencil to draw a line up the back of their legs to get this effect when seamed stockings were no longer easily available on the market. In fact I included that observation in one of the best stories I’ve ever written.

So for the Safeword club advent calendar and monochromerotic I am showcasing images of me in seamed tights. Maybe next time they will be stockings ๐Ÿ˜‰

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21 thoughts on “Seamed Stockings? Well tights and lights

  1. I love the links in your stories and where they take me. Lovely image of a great pair of legs. I have a fondness for seamed hose as well as cuban heels.

    Stockings are great and I have expounded in the joys found in the spaces in between stocking top and garter belt. But a pair of tights allows the animal within to claw and rip open the wrapper to his prize. (Of course the gentlemanly apologetic Dom asks first before ripping.)

  2. You’ve created a very stylish and sexy image here, kinda reminds me of Debbie Harry in her heyday – utilising a long jacket with tights.

    Those poor women during WWII deprivations, they used gravy browning on their legs for the colour, and finished it off with the eyebrow pencil seam line – hardly likely to keep your legs warm though!

  3. This is a detail that I absolutely didn’t know, “girls would use an eye pencil to draw a line up the back of their legs” but for some reason is a very fascinating fact about human nature.

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