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The Secret Joys of Male Sex Toys

It does appear that sex toys have gained popularity as the years have gone by.

Sex Toy Industry

Technological leaps within the sex toy industry may have a bearing on this. It could also be due to the fact that such playthings are increasingly considered ‘normal’.  This is in sharp contrast to years gone by, when little was known about the use of sex toys, they were considered novelty items, and the market for products was inevitably much smaller

A major reason for the accelerating demand for sex toys is their easy availability online. It’s no longer necessary to buy in person from a high street sex shop – there are a multitude of online opportunities to assist customers. Some sites sell all type of toys, others are more detailed and gender specific. Review blogs have become extremely popular in recent years, notably those that deal with male toys. These reviewers investigate and rate items, (so you don’t have to), from the leading suppliers. Some sites will offer a discount if you order the toy via their online service. In short, it has never been so easy to get a toy to satisfy your carnal needs.

Sex Toys & Me

I have written a few posts about my experiences with sex toys. My partner and I don’t usually include them in our sexual activities, but when we do I enjoy the unfamiliar or enhanced sensations they can deliver.

My man rarely uses sex toys to enhance his own orgasms, but he is sexually dominate and prefers to use them on me now and then. Perhaps a vibrator or butt plug, but usually it will be a whip and some rope, perhaps a leather belt. However, being an active member of the sex blogging community means I have noticed that male sex toys seem to be increasingly accepted, promoted and used more than ever before. I suspect they are fast catching up with the women’s market.

A friend of mine, Elliott Henry, has a lot of first-hand, (excuse the pun), experience with male sex toys. Here is what he had to say…

Elliott Henry Chats about Male Sex Toys

I have used sex toys since the early late ’70s. Pretty much the basic rigid plastic vibrators. And did have a cock strap my wife got at a girl’s sex party… oops, Women’s sex party… sorry libbers. But that was pretty much it.

Early days

Sex toys were not that big a part of my sex life, too busy eating pussy and fucking. My recent involvement started about 15 years ago when I was looking at porn and saw an advert for a cock stroking sleeve. I think it was from one of the first online sex catalogues. I still have it even though it’s ripped (I can’t imagine why). After that I bought a cock ring, then some lube and the game was on.

The first sex toy I purchased for me was out of curiosity really.  My wife had a vibrator we would play with. She liked anal and would love to have it in her ass when I fucked her, and of course, the vibrations felt great on my cock.


Later as I had girlfriends for 20 years I didn’t bother with the toys that much. Now, living in a small community on an island limits female sex partners in my age category, so masturbation is a nice alternative. When I go to the mainland, I do take some toys with me to use with a partner.

For years men were getting fucked in the sex toy department while women were getting a constant stream of new products to get their rocks off with. Lately, there has been an upsurge in masturbators for men. Many are gimmicks or don’t satisfy, and I can attest to that because I have bought most of them. HotOctopuss and MysticVibe have produced the best of the best in vibrators for men. The best cock stroker is the new OffBeat by Godemiche. I should know because I have 30 or so sitting in a drawer. Cock rings are also seeing more action.

Fun factor

Sex toys are something to have fun with and provide an extra burst of pleasure. They are fun to stimulate a partner with. Even though male sex toys provide me with a lot of fun,  I am prepared to toss them when they don’t live up to their billing or expectations.

Health Benefits

If my man liked the idea of male sex toys I would happily use them with him during our play. However, if I found him alone in the bedroom using one to wank himself off without me I might feel a little bit obsolete. Clearly, the scenario where these items really will score is when a guy is without a permanent playmate. Having a product or two to help with masturbating would be a fun route to pleasure and a welcome alternative to the standard ‘hand-shandy’. Not to mention a healthy thing to do. It is a well-known fact that regular ejaculations keep the prostate in better working order. Plus self-care of this sort helps a person psychologically.

It seems there has never been a better time to invest in a few sex toys whoever you are.

This post was sponsored by the Men’s Toy Hub.  Website – Men’s Toys Hub – Reviews of the best male sex toys.

Many thanks to Elliott Henry for his contribution. Both images copyright Elliott Henry.

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12 thoughts on “The Secret Joys of Male Sex Toys”

  1. I been using toys for many years. From butt plugs to anal vibratory . I use them Solo or with a partner. They have enhanced my orgasms. Can’t live with out them now. 😉

  2. “if I found him alone in the bedroom using one to wank himself off without me I might feel a little bit obsolete” – I don’t think you’re alone in this thought and there lies the double standard. Female sex bloggers will often write about ‘taking some personal time’ with their favorite sex toy (describing the mind-blowing multiple orgasms), but assure male readers that these toys are not a penis replacement, and some will even admonish men as stupid if they feel threatened by their wife’s vibrator.

  3. JB enjoys toys on his own, and we’ve played with them together. Its not our go-to thing during sex, but when we use them, we always enjoy it — especially when he’s got his and I’ve got mine at the same time. 🙂

  4. Love the term hand-shandy, very much a slang phrase while I was growing up.

    Great, balanced article May. A very good idea to have a male perspective on this, and I too consider Elliott quite an expert. I have bought a couple of toys for my OH recently (also won a Hot Octopuss gadget for him) and now he can play when I am away or not in the mood – the arrangement works both ways!

  5. This is a great article and I enjoyed having Elliott’s perspective too. We have tried some of the male toys but like you, it tends to play less of a part than using the female ones does. ?

  6. Some great info, I’m not so keen on most toys I’ve tried but then again I am lucky to have a partner to play with. Might re-visit it at a later time, especially since there’s always new things to try ☺.

    1. Thanks for your comment PS – i am the same but I can see when they may really come in handy – a bit of a pun there!

  7. Nice article, May, glad I could assist. I’ve not heard of Men’s Toy Hub, going there now, I will tell them that MayDay sent me.

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