Secrets, lies and take aways

Secrets, lies and take aways

I have shared some really serious and personal posts over the last few months so wanted to keep this one lighthearted and fun. I am practicing  fiction, using dialogue, in the style of a play 😉

Floss and I take turns in hosting the prompt post for Food for Thought and asking each other a question about the weeks topic. Here is the question Floss asked me this week and my reply.

Floss asks – Do you have a secret desire, dream or ambition you have yet to share with anyone?

May replies – This could be a difficult question because if I did have a secret desire or ambition then it would no longer be a secret if I told you what it was. But I can make this really simple. I have two best friends – My man and Vic (you can find him on my blog) and between them they have ALL my secrets 😉

It got me thinking and I wrote this rather silly post …

Play for another day

The scene – Amy and Beth are twenty-something flat mates and best friends. Every Thursday evening they get together to gossip, share a meal and a bottle of wine.

Tonight they are sitting at the wooden kitchen table. Beth pours them both a glass of red and then tells Amy she knows a secret.

Act one and only

Amy – Come on. Stop holding out. Just tell me.

Beth – I can’t. If I did it would cease to be a secret. Don’t you know anything?

Amy – I know that you are a tease. Why’d you mention the secret if you weren’t going to spill the beans?

Beth – Ooh, baked ones. With a touch of spicy sauce. Yum!

Amy – Now you are just being silly and trying to change the subject. Not a nice thing to do particularly as you know I’m hungry.

Beth – Well why don’t you start on the dinner then. I’m starving and it’s your turn to cook.

Amy – I am not doing anything until you tell me the secret.

Beth – Ah damn. Now you are holding my stomach to ransom. You’re so mean. OK then. Jess told me she sucked off her Boss.

Amy – What the new guy, with the sparkling eyes?

Beth – Yes, I suppose.

Amy – What do you mean ‘I suppose’?  He’s her boss now so it must have been him.

Beth – Well if she had given her boss a blow job it would be him. But she hasn’t. Not that I know anyway.

Amy – But that’s the secret. You just told me.

Beth – Ah, but I didn’t say it was the secret. I just said that’s what Jess did. But I was lying, trying to get you cooking.

Amy – You were lying! So it wasn’t ‘the secret’ it was a stinking lie?

Beth – Yep.

Amy – Well. Damn you. Just tell me the truth.

Beth – The truth… Lisa told me she wants her and Dan to have a kid.

Amy – Oh my goodness. Really? They have just got together. That’s a bit soon to be making life changing decisions. But they are adults.

Do you want spag bol or lasagna?

Beth – Lasagna would be nice.  (Beth smiles as Amy get up and starts to make supper.)

Amy – OK and don’t worry I wont tell anyone the secret.

Beth – You can tell who you want. She won’t mind. Apparently Dan is up for it too.

(Amy stops the meal preparations.)

Amy – But you said it’s a secret.

Beth – No I didn’t. You asked me to tell you the truth. Well that is true. Lisa called me the other day and mentioned it. I didn’t say it was a secret.

Amy – Bloody hell gal. Do you want any fucking dinner or what? The secret. What is it?

Beth – I can’t tell you. Cause then it won’t be a secret. You’re really stubborn you know.

Amy – I’m stubborn. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Beth – OK keep your hair on. No secrets are going to be shared tonight. Let’s ring for a take away.

Header image of Floss used by kind permission


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