Secrets, lies and take aways

It is always good to practice your craft… I am practising  fiction, using dialogue, in the style of a play 😉

Play for another day – Secrets

The sceneAmy and Beth are twenty-something flat mates and best friends. Every other Friday evening they get together to gossip, share a meal and a bottle of wine.

Tonight they are sitting at the wooden kitchen table. Beth pours them both a glass of red and then tells Amy she knows a secret.

Act one and only

AmyCome on. Stop holding out. Just tell me.

BethI can’t. If I did it would cease to be a secret. Don’t you know anything?

Amy I know that you are a tease. Why’d you mention the secret if you weren’t going to spill the beans?

BethOoh, baked ones. With a touch of spicy sauce. Yum!

AmyNow you are just being silly and trying to change the subject. Not a nice thing to do, particularly as you know I’m hungry.

BethWell, why don’t you start on the dinner then. I’m starving, and it’s your turn to cook.

AmyI am not doing anything until you tell me the secret.

BethAh, damn. Now you are holding my stomach to ransom. You’re so mean. OK then… Jess told me she sucked off her Boss.

AmyWhat? The new guy, with the sparkling eyes?

BethYes, I suppose.

AmyWhat do you mean ‘I suppose’?  He’s her boss now, so it must have been him.

BethWell, if she had given her boss a blow-job it would be him. But she hasn’t. Not that I know of, anyway.

AmyBut that’s the secret. You just told me.

Beth I didn’t say it was the secret. I just said that’s what Jess did. But I was lying, trying to get you cooking.

AmyYou were lying! So it wasn’t ‘the secret’ – it was a stinking lie?


AmyWell. Bloody damn you. Just tell me the truth. (Amy scowls.)

BethThe truth… Lisa told me she wants her and Dan to have a kid.

AmyOh my goodness. Really? They have just got together. That’s a bit soon to be making life-changing decisions. But they are adults after all.

So, do you want spag-bol or lasagna?

BethLasagna would be nice.  (Beth smiles as Amy gets up and starts to make supper.)

AmyOK and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone the secret.

Beth – You can tell who you want. She won’t mind. Apparently Dan is up for it too.

(Amy stops the meal preparations.)

AmyBut you said it’s a secret.

Beth No, I didn’t. You asked me to tell you the truth. Well, that is true. Lisa called me the other day and mentioned it. I didn’t say it was a secret.

AmyBloody hell gal. Do you want any fucking dinner or what? The secret… What is it?

BethI can’t tell you. Cause then it won’t be a secret. You’re really stubborn, you know.

AmyI’m stubborn. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

BethOK, keep your hair on. No secrets are going to be shared tonight. Let’s ring for a takeaway.

First published just over 2 years ago. Updated for 2021.

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  1. This made me think that we don’t see many plays which is a pity. You did a great job with this and I enjoyed it. 🙂

      1. Oooo I must have missed that one. Thanks for the link. Will check it out when I have done my secrets. It’s going in a weird direction! ?

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