September 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS

I always find September quite a sad month. The end of summer as the colours change. And I start to long for spring again. But it is wrong to wish away this life! So a little reminder to myself to try and live in the moment now and then…

My September 2019 Blogging Summary

Some of the writing on my blog

    • My most popular recent non-fiction post this month was a true tale about me and my man. Spank me Red. Some sexy images here too.
    • The most viewed fiction was a flash inspired by a Masturbation Monday image prompt.  Marie shared the story too.
    • In my opinion my best personal post was all about taking back my sex. I raised some important issues in the article and as usual ended on a positive note. It landed in the Wicked Wednesday top three and Jupiter shared it too.

Some of the Images on my Blog

Here is my favorite image from this month. It was shared A LOT. And got the highest views from all my photos over September.

Desk Porn – September 2019

And this naked image was chosen by Molly for the sinful Sunday prompt week at the beginning of the month. I was thrilled about the achievement as I took the photo myself.

Work for Others

  • I was more than happy with the sponsored post written by Hustler Hollywood. All about anal sex and how to do it right.
  • I wrote a sex toy review for Scarlet Rooms and incorporated the toy in some sexy fun with my man. It is proving a very popular read.

September Sharing SoSS

As I mentioned the September 2019 project got a lot of us thinking about music. So with that theme in mind I am going to split my post into singles and LPs. Read on and you will see what I mean 😉

Multiples or LPs SoSS

Sharing more than one thing from –

    • Bee and the Bee keeper shared an absolutely brilliant and very personal series recently all about contraception. I really do recommend it. Bee also hosts a fab meme Menstruation Matters.
    • I have always noticed that Violet Grey writes very well. This last month I have been so impressed by a couple of her more personal posts. Her article about the Me Too movement is balanced and insightful.  And the post about dreams, miscarriage and abortion is written with sensitivity.
    • The Smut Marathon is on to round nine. Not long to go for the remaining 14 writers. Please keep an eye on the site and read and vote when the time comes. I am not involved in the competition this year but was last. And a few of us were lucky enough to get chosen for the anthology. Take a look.
    • Jupiter kindly let me have a copy of her book of poems. It is only recently I have managed to get around to read it. And I am glad I did. It is full of variety. Some sexy, some amusing. And a few are quite hard hitting but all worth reading. And if you like hot erotica you really must take a look at her lair.

Singles SoSS

Sharing a single post from these writers –

  • Cara Joined in with Food for Thought with an extremely clever and powerful piece of dark fairy-tale fiction.

  • Jerusalem Mortimer wrote such a readable true tale about when he was a young man. It is a very sexy read too.

  • Toys for Sir has written a post about the sharp edge of emotional pain. It is a compelling and charged read. Well written too. I could almost feel the dagger myself.

  • Melody and I had our usual meeting – over a few wines and olives (if only) – regarding the previous months SB4MH posts. We both agreed Sweets post, which covers issues and advice in regards to depression, stood out. Melody says ~

Images SoSS

Having chosen the Me Too prompt for Food for Thought a few weeks ago I had to find an appropriate header shot. I chose this image from of The Other Me.

It just goes to show how everything is subjective as I truly thought it worked for the Me Too Topic. I felt it said women had been in the background for too long. Hidden. Whereas men, depicted by the tie, were bold and upfront. The Me Too movement have helped women come out of the shadows by sharing their sexual harassment/assault experiences, but the whole thing is work in progress.

But I took it down as someone on Twitter said they felt it was not right for the prompt. And even though I was happy with my choice I knew it was slightly controversial so was happy to go with the public. After all the meme is not my own personal space – but this blog is…

And here are a couple of other fabulous black and white images that caught my eye during September 2019.

  • Master Musings image is so eye catching. And I love the position of his hands.
  • Dream Catcher on Elliott Henry’s blog – constantly shares stunning images. This one is my favourite to date.

OK – that’s it for this month. Happy October to you all 😉

12 thoughts on “September 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS”

      1. Thanks for that Elliott. I try to keep my end up. It seems ages ago that I wrote my story using yours as the starting point. Round 2 I think.

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about my post, I thought there were some great pieces for the suggestion, and for the other prompts too… I love the image and symbolism in that image and agree with your thoughts, I think it does work for the movement in that way. I do love these SoS posts as there are always so many brilliant pieces of work that are highlighted. I’ve followed many new people having seen them in SoS type posts..

    Thank you again ?

    1. So pleased you have found new places to visit from the sharing posts – and pleased u could see where I was going with the photo. Keep up the good work Sweet x

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