September ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS

It has proved to be a changeable month weather wise and just when I thought autumn had arrived the sun became strong again. I’m not complaining though 😉

Blogging Summary for September

My most read post this last month was a true spontaneous sex in the stable post.

Here’s my most viewed image.

Stroll in September on Sinful Sunday

It came out much better than I expected. And was chosen in the top 5 for Sinful Sunday.

I delved deep into my past to write this very personal article regarding my shaky roots.

Much to my delight, I am through to the semi-finals of the smut marathon. This month I posted both my round seven entry, a domestic abuse tale and my part of the smut relay, a story with many twists.

Two more parts of my slightly taboo series The Curse were posted – though it is close to the end so getting less taboo by the minute. But still sexy.

Floss wrote a great sex toy review for me where she found out size does matter and illustrated it with some gorgeous personal photos.

My favourite image was this one of my man’s hands. I took it with the Canon camera for the Sinful Sunday macros prompt and was very impressed with the results.

September Sharing ~ Bumper Issue

My sharing summary may include some posts or images that are not very recent as it is all about those I have enjoyed over the past month.


I actually meant to include this post from GotN last month. It is all about how she wants him to come in her cunt even more than wanting herself to climax. Really resonated with me.

This post from Missy about trust is certainly thought-provoking. I do have trust issues, full stop. So yes, find it easier to love than trust.

This is the story of Molly and Michael and it leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy 😉

Such a fun yet informative post from Nicci. And she did request that you go and give her your cocks 😉

We all have our own reasons why we may or may not report sexual assault. Ria tells us her story.


Asra Devin has let her characters create such a hot scenario I could hardly sit still reading it.

Sassy Cat hosted a guest post about sex on a moving bike. It was a really exciting read and is illustrated by fabulous shots of Cat herself.

This is a very sexy tale from Floss about golden showers. I really am not sure if its true or fiction – go read it for yourself.

Fiction Series

I found this such a hot scene to read. It was actually part of a series that started here and Marie has written a third part too.

Cara is writing a really intriguing detective series. Each part is quite short so will be great when you want to read a quick story.

Posy has an established series on her site all about the antics of a very sexy maid.


One of my favourite images this month was fromthe gorgeous Eye. I think it depicts September really well.

Bee’s image is so striking and you need to read her narrative too.

Cousin Pons is a very witty chap and has entitled this great image The Jungle. It is a very clever shot.

After I posted the above image of my self in fishnets a few weeks ago, I had a twitter conversation with Liv and Exposing40. They introduced me to Guy Bourdin. Apparently, my image was reminiscent of his style. In the past they both shared great images reflecting his work:

Reach from Liv is such a beautifully framed shot

Exposing40 was heavily influenced by Guy in this very sexy photo,

More great shares next month 😉



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8 thoughts on “September ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS”

  1. A great post May. So many pieces of writing there that I missed but will now catch up on. And of course lovely to have my Jungle photo mentioned. CPxx

  2. Ah yes, that photo of you in fishnets… still gets me every time I look at it!


    The one from Eye is also great.

  3. Thanks for including my series here in your September round-up May – I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope others might too. I concur with all the writing you’ve selected here and now I’m going to look at the pictures too! It seems your blog is getting great exposure for its words as much as its pictures!

  4. Thanks for using my post May. I am glad it resonated with you and it is wonderful to be included with such great posts.

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