Sex Bloggers ~ Give and Take on SoSS

Sex Bloggers ~ Give and Take on SoSS

My SoSS post is a lazy one really. It’s already been prepared for me a few weeks ago by Molly Moore. It’s the top 100 sex bloggers list. I am very fortunate, and happy to be featured in it. Molly, who is Director of Ops at  Eroticon, and her husband Michael create the list by a vast amount of work and reading.

They carry out an excellent job. The more I become involved in the sex blogging community, the more I realise what a prolific blogger Molly is. She is consistently producing high-quality images and literature. Not to mention running various projects such as E lust, Sinful Sunday, Kink of the Week, Pussy Pride and of course the reason for this post, the top 100 Sex Bloggers list.

Generous with her time

She does all those things extremely well and also finds time to look at other writers blogs, and almost without fail, she generously leaves comments. We all write or take photographs because we want our work to be seen and appreciated – and of course for numerous other reasons.

When mine was a new blog I wanted people to find me and to see what other blogs were like. So I tended to comment whenever I could.

If somebody gives their time to reply to one of my posts I like to reciprocate. I pop over to see their blog. If I enter into a meme I really do try to look at most of the entries and make a comment or like the posts. I do this out of respect and because I want people to come and do the same on my blog. But also I think to my self,

“My goodness if Molly manages to find time to do it then I bloody well can!”

My pet hate

There are numerous, what I would call, generous commenters, out there. Some with blogs and some without. I do have a little pet hate – it’s when a new sex blogger comes along and does not reciprocate or bother to interact or comment on many of the other posts in a meme they are involved in. I feel they are behaving a little selfishly and possibly with arrogance. It makes me wonder why they are blogging and if I want to frequent their place.

Anyhow that’s my little rant for the year! Without further ado, and with a massive THANK YOU to Molly for all she does in our community – Click on the list…

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2017

Including a few additions of my own.

4 thoughts on “Sex Bloggers ~ Give and Take on SoSS

  1. I always feel awful when other bloggers leave comments on my posts and I don’t leave comments on their posts. I try, but forget or most of the time get distracted. Ugh. I try to do what I can, retweet when I can. And yes I noticed “new” bloggers do do that at times. I know I’m always worried about how my comment will be taken. And if the blog is difficult to leave a comment I’ll give up and move on. And one of my biggest pet peeves is how cliqueish the community is. I have heard this from bloggers who no longer blog because of how judgmental the community can be. Ugh.

    1. your blog has been established for a long time, new bloggers can learn alot by looking at yours, i know i did when i started, and you are a great giver – in my book – and I do think as a blogger there is more than one way to give x

  2. I have always been a prolific comment leaver. I think it is an important part of building and being part of a community.

    And thank you very much for this post, you made me blush


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