Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sex blogging Hologram on Wicked Wednesday #280

Holograms are photographs that look realistic. They create the illusion of an image floating above or behind that photo so you can look around it and see it from different angles. However, in order to see the image, your gaze must pass through the virtual object and onto the photograph where it is stored. Put your hand between the photo and the object and the illusion disappears.

Sometimes I get emails from readers asking questions relating to my life – queries which occasionally go into some depth. I find myself wondering if some readers are probing to gauge whether I am actually real or just projecting an image – like a hologram.

sex bloggiing hologram
I Am Not a Sex Blogging Hologram

In this post I would like to shed some light on my life and who I am, using some of those questions as a basis.

Does my Man read this blog?

What I like about your blog is that it feels real. Not just sexual fantasies and experiences but life, rooted in reality. Is it something your man reads, too?

Many of my kink articles are based on actual events that happened – I may have written one or two that are fantasies but I always state this at the start. The rest of the smut is fiction which I am relatively new at.

I am glad they come across with a foot in reality – although my reality is slightly different to most people’s, which I will explain in the next answer. My man does read most posts from the site. I need his input before I put them live as I very much value his opinion and usually ask him to edit the complicated ones as he reads. He is the most creatively intelligent person I have ever met, so it would be silly not to make use of his brain.

Are you telling the truth or just a sex blogging hologram?

Where did the hook come from in the French countryside. Was it really Champagne or a local fizz? And how can you have sex in a hay loft one day and another be in a stable or barn?

This is where my reality differs from the norm. My man and I have so many varying sexual opportunities because work commitments mean we travel around the UK, and occasionally abroad, for about 9 months of the year. We don’t have a general routine, which can make life quite exciting and means we have a strong bond as we spend such a great amount of time together.

When we were working in the French country side the hook just happened to be there and we never like to miss an opportunity to use rope and my collar.

If I say champagne then it is. Often we drink the local fizz, I let the reader know it is just that.

More to sex than intercourse

Why does it give your man more pleasure to come on your arse than inside it.

My man and I do not actually participate in anal intercourse very often. It’s not the easiest of acts to enjoy. Circumstances have to be just right and it’s so important to be careful. We do use a butt plug now and then and anal is something we both want to try more often. I expect my blog will be the first to know. I do not think he is alone finding pleasure by coming on, rather inside, an orifice. But if you pay attention when you are reading my sex orientated posts you will realise he does not come inside me Per Se. This works for us and I think the older you get the more you realise sex is not just about intercourse.

Young May

I enjoyed the new posts. If anything, I find the ‘young May’ ones more interesting – they have the human mess in them that I recognise from my own life. The sex matters posts are in a different style – not worse or better, just smoother, fewer wrinkles, more like a polished novel than the immediacy of a diary entry

My diaries are really just a subsidiary and tells the story of a younger me, via my old journal. I was a mess. my head was trying to work out all kinds of things. I was attempting to come to terms with my past sexual history and understand why I liked kinky sex. My diaries would come across as less polished as they were never written to be published. This blog is article-based whether it be about a sexy date night or my take on a lifestyle issue.

Sex and the mind

What’s the relation between talking, thinking, reading, fantasising and remembering sex and enjoying the actual physical experience? Desire and enjoyment sort of have lives of their own before and after the actual acts that embody them.

Wow this is a deep one. Even before I started writing this blog I used to talk about sex a lot! Before my man came along I used to fantasise about different things I wanted to try. Luckily now I can get involved in such exploits. Conversations I have about sex may entail sex that has occurred or sex I want to try. It can be very horny to dissect a date night in conversation with my man. So yes the enjoyment is certainly not limited to the act. As we all know the mind is the strongest erogenous zone. An actual sexual experience can yield pleasure before, during and after it has occurred. I am also a believer of sex for sex’s sake. This works for both me and my man. Mostly, I don’t need him to make love to me – I want to be fucked.

Some sex blogs become books – I wonder if that’s something you’ve ever fantasised about.

I can’t say I really want to pen a book. I do want to write though, here and for online magazines – and not just about sex. Writing really gives me a buzz, and hopefully, that comes across.

Free Speech

Your church beliefs post was somewhat controversial -were you concerned you may offend people?

One thing that is very important to me is free speech. This means I am happy to get your opinion even if I don’t agree with it. Some people don’t understand how I can enjoy my man slapping my face. To me it is just like being spanked on my arse or cunt. Its just a different place. But I was very glad to receive the comments regarding it.

At this time I am monogamous but I can understand why others would enjoy a swinger or poly lifestyle. Funnily enough, I wrote an article about polyamory and one of my readers took offence. They sent me a lengthy mail telling me why they disagreed and then unsubscribed. I think its far healthier to discuss contrasting points of view and ways of life without throwing the dummy out of the pram because of these differences. We are, after all, grown-ups.

When I wrote the church fornication post I knew it would be a little like Marmite. I was thrilled to receive such a positive response from the majority but also pleased when others said it was not something they could do. I was more than happy when Rebecca, uncomfortable with my stance, wrote an amazing guest post about it. We disagreed but I gained a new online friend.

I was really hoping to write more about religion here but I think, as with some of the other questions in this post, there is a lot more to be said. This article may sire others.

I have included many links in this post to an article the question may refer to – but below is one wickedly sexy link you need to check out :

sex blogging hologram

12 thoughts on “Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

  1. It is such a pleasure to read your sex blog. In fact I read this post three times because I enjoyed it so much. I love the way you have set it out as a question and answer. You are so honest which is brilliant. Your writing is so refreshing and just makes me so happy to read it. At the same time I feel sad because you discuss things which I have never experienced and am just desperate to try!

  2. A fascinating glimpse into your life, but also the thoughts of those who write to you. Thanks for sharing…

    1. the questions are based on three people who have emailed me – I am always happy to receive mail but do tell them I am even happier with comments on my blog 😉

  3. a very interesting look into your life and I love how you say it is like people want to see if you are a hologram or not. I think that is true for most bloggers, are they real or now, and do they really do what they write…

  4. It’s great to get to know you better, and I am a bit jealous of the traveling you do with your man and being with him so much. I wish I could be with my husband every day for the entire day 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. 😉 ah you did master it recently which readers can find out on your blog. With one particular partner, I did have a lot of anal – but he couldn’t whip me convincingly so I had to do something!

  5. Very interesting little intro into who you are… it sounds like your husband and you have a similar situation in that we also get to spend most of our days together, just not the travel part sadly


    1. Funnily enough it the travel bit that often causes friction between us so maybe its a good thing not to do it too often x

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