Sex Bomb ~ Flash Part 12

Sex Bomb ~ Flash Part 12

Check out all the other episodes here. Each is below 500 words. But in a nut shell here’s what has happened so far…

Previously... Gen left her friend’s pyjama party on a dare to visit the unknown Mr Roberts across the road. However, her mates don’t realise that he was Gen’s headmaster, ten years ago. She disappeared inside the house to meet his gorgeous grandson. After a few G & Ts the three of them begin a strip card game. And advance to all being topless – with Gen and Jacob sitting in their knickers and boxers.

Suddenly the bell rang. While Mr Roberts answered the door to Gen’s two friends, Jacob and her make their exit up the stairs and end up getting passionate on the bed. While Jacob’s cock is smaller than the average pecker he is more than happy to please Gen by wearing her panties and putting his tongue to good use! They join the party again and Anne pops out to the 24/7 for more gin. Mr Roberts seems more than happy that he is to have Jane to himself.

Who’s the real Sex Bomb in the room?

Jacob came back from the kitchen with some nuts just as Anne arrived with a litre bottle of Tanquery. Mr Roberts was on his feet in moments sorting out some clean glasses and ice.

“Let’s not keep the ladies waiting Jacob, get another bottle of tonic from the fridge.”

I was amazed to see it was just after two in the morning when I checked the clock on the wall.

“Wow. I didn’t realise it was this late,” I exclaimed.

“Now, now Genevieve, you can’t be going anywhere yet. It would be a shame for your drink to go to waste.” Mr Roberts passed me a very strong double G & T before disappearing over the other side of the room to where a rather ancient record player was housed within a cabinet.

Within moments Tom Jones began to echo around the room explaining it wasn’t unusual to be loved by anyone, while Mr Roberts completed a neat side set shuffle over to where Jane was standing chatting to Ann and in one smooth movement waltzed her across the room and performed a snazzy dip. Jane’s boobs nearly spilled out from the corset she was wearing, and Mrs Robert’s eyes playfully followed their progress. The pair of them were clearly having a lot of fun. Jane loved dancing and for a while had taken ballroom lessons in town.

Jacob pulled me close, snaking his hands into the dressing gown I was wearing, and we smooched around the room. I could tell Ann felt like a gooseberry as she sat on the sofa nursing her drink, so it didn’t surprise me when she caught my eye, waved and made a sign that she was leaving.

By now my head was dizzy from the alcohol and the sheer outrageousness of the evening’s events.

Mr Roberts turned up the record player and sex bomb blared out through the speakers as he continued to twirl Jane around the room. It has to be said he was very light on his feet for an elderly gentleman. Obviously, still a bit of a sex bomb himself!

Jacob’s little pecker was getting harder as he pushed his leg against mine. Immediately reminding me that it was housed snugly within my panties. This delightful image added to my giddiness when all of a sudden Tom’s dulcet tones were interrupted by loud banging.

“Granddad, I think there’s someone at the door.” Jacob called over to Mr Roberts.

“What, at this time of night! Don’t be silly. All the normal people will be fast asleep in bed.” With that he once again dipped his partner, grinning at the pleasing result it achieved visually, and producing giggles from Jane.

Jacob turned down the music as the banging continued. And for a moment we all stopped what we were doing and stared at each other.

Then, a distant voice accompanied the knocking, “Open the door now, this is the Police.”

To be continued…

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Header Photo by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels

10 thoughts on “Sex Bomb ~ Flash Part 12

  1. Well … I just love the “Immediately reminding me that it was housed snugly within my panties” line. Made me giggle … and tingle a bit !!!
    I wonder if the police will do a “strip-search” ???
    Xxx – K

    1. Great to see you – have been away working 4 six weeks and could not get my head round the frivolities of Gen and her friends 🙂
      May x

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