More About May: Sex, Life & Love

More About May: Sex, Life & Love

Back when I first started blogging I was not very committed but did enjoy joining in with TMI Tuesday, alongside two friends – Nero Black and Pete Syms – who I met whilst commenting on their TMI posts. The meme asked some interesting questions, so I thought over the next few weeks I may update a few posts to current and republish…

Have you ever tested someone’s love for you? What did you do? Did things turn out as you expected or hoped?

I seem to have done that my whole life. When very young I didn’t consciously know that I was doing it, but the pattern continued as I got older. Once I realised exactly what was happening the habit had become too ingrained to change. I push buttons to get a response or just push the person away – testing to see how much they can endure. Generally, they came back for more. My current man isn’t so placid though and will not tolerate any nonsense from me – can lead to some mega arguments, that certainly take their toll.

Select the answer that best fits your experience. I have dated:

a. all the wrong people
b. romantic companions that were mostly a good fit for me.
c. people that were perfect fits–loves at first sight
d. not all that much, I mainly have had a lot of long term relationships

My answer is d) – I mainly have had a lot of long term relationships. Although among these companions only a few were a good fit for me. The others kept persisting until I became romantically involved with them and then usually the sex was disastrous as they didn’t share the same “needs” as me!

Online dating: What is your success rate? What do you consider success?

I got into online dating accidentally over 10 years ago. The result of which broke up my family and turned into one relationship I regret. I expect if you were canny enough to weed out the dregs who worm their way into your heart from afar, and you find a compatible match, then that could be considered a success. It did not happen like that for me and I won’t be trying a second time.

What sexual thing do you do most often that you could commit to doing every day?

I can’t say that since covid took over the world that I actually think about doing anything sexually every day. Disease is not sexy. Although I do enjoy being spanked. Hopefully I will feel more inspired soon 🙂

What are your thoughts on love and lust?

Ah, I love being in lust. That feeling where you cannot wait to see that person, or touch them. Trying to prolong every moment with them, and masturbating about them whenever you can. If you are lucky then you fall in love with someone you are in lust with. That’s an incredible feeling as the lust just seems to intensify.

Bonus on Sex Life Love: Are you searching for love or are you searching for attention?

I have always been searching for love. The love that incorporates being with someone who has similar ideas as you. Sexual compatibility is extremely important for lasting love. As far as attention is concerned – I enjoy it… However, attention from someone you don’t care about is definitely unwanted – it feels like a harsh spotlight is beaming down on you.

Sex Life Love – Post updated for 2021 the original was published December 2016

TMI Tuesday is still a popular meme – get involved here…

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Sex Life Love

6 thoughts on “More About May: Sex, Life & Love

  1. Love your answers, May. I have never done online dating, but I have done chatting, and some romantic things… er… sexy things… came from that. Never a relationship, though.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Thanks Nero i do feel fantastic when i see the enjoyment he gets from it – Just read your article(above) and commented – you do keep it real in your writing, like that…

    1. Thanks Pete. Bad things happen in life. The online dating led to a disastrous few years for me – but then that road led to where I am now… 😉 x

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