Sex Matters to May More ~ Real names & Pen names

Sex Matters to May More ~ Real names & Pen names

The long and short of it is; I am May More and May More is me…

Who is May More of Sex Matters?

May More existed before this blog – Sex Matters – was online. Those of you who have my email address will know that the name on the account is C More, or C May More. And the fact is that was my name at birth. I just changed the christian name to the middle one, and dropped an o from the surname… So, C May Moore became –ย  May More.

However, even though I have a birth certificate with a version of the name May More written on it, this is not actually my REAL name. It is simply my Pen Name. I know this is beginning to sound complicated so let me explain.

I was C May Moore for the first 9 months of my life. Then I was adopted and received a second birth certificate with my legal name printed on it: The name I was given by my my adopted parents, which is very different from May More, and has been with me ever since.

Bring out May More

I first created an email account using my birth name over fifteen years ago. I needed to use an online site and didn’t want to register with my real name. And so at this moment May More was reborn

Then, back in 2016 I decided to start this blog – Sex Matters – and had to choose a pen name. It seemed logical to become May More, the blogger.

But why didn’t I use my real name? Looking back I suppose I was concerned that I would be discovered by family or friends writing about sex and posting erotic images. The funny thing is, as time has passed by, I have grown very proud of what I do. I have achieved so much in those few years – writing and hosting community projects. Not only that May has made some fabulous friends and it seems, May More has become me, and I have become May More.

Socializing as May More

It is a funny thing meeting and enjoying the company of people who know you by your non de plume. I have met quite a few bloggers from the community and the strangest thing was even after we exchanged real names they wanted to call me May and I wanted to call them by their pen names too. It felt right. Although I do remember the wonderful Cousin Pons reminding me of his real name several times to which I replied,

“You will always be CP to me.”

It seemed natural for us all to use our pseudonyms. I have found being May More has allowed me certain freedoms. I can talk about what I want, knowing I’m expected to be forthright and open about my views. Those who have known me since I was young also see me in that way, however, I am sure on occasions I have made them uncomfortable by expressing my thoughts on sex or topical issues. May More’s friends come to the table with their own ideas and views. Open blogs seem to come from open minds.

Comfortable as May More

I think to have a successful profile in a name other than yours, then you have to be comfortable with the way people view that persona. I have become so comfortable in May’s shoes, well her wellies actually, that I see us as one. Don’t get me wrong I am not having an identity crisis! I simply appreciate being able to embrace May More and all her trappings ๐Ÿ˜‰


May More writes and is a published author. That is the only name I have with that accolade.ย 

Quirky ~ Will the real May More stand up

According to the Cambridge dictionary quirky means-

unusual in an attractive or interesting way.

I think these images depict quirkiness.

I am quirky- and so therefore May is too. Images like these show the real me – the real May – I am her and she is me…

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17 thoughts on “Sex Matters to May More ~ Real names & Pen names

  1. It is interesting to know where your name came from and I love that it was actually yours. I can relate so much to what you say about growing into your persona and becoming them. I am missy in so many ways. Missy x

  2. It’s a fascinating subject May. I can barely remember how I came up with Cousin Pons back in 2017. I am very fnd of novels by Balzac and I picked one of his characters who was roughly my age. Didn’t want to give the impression I was a young bloke. xx

  3. Hey May – I remember meeting you and CP at that conference where we agreed using our ‘nom de plume’ was the best way forward. In a recent Interview I was explaining that having a pen name is a bit like wearing a costume to a fancy dress event, freeing one up a little to ‘be’ something different. Perhaps being May and Posy let us show a side of ourselves that doesn’t usually get to be in the spotlight.

  4. I never realized how close May More is to the real you, and love to learn this bit about you. And you will totally always be May to me, just as I know I will always be Marie to you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Marie xox

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