Sex Matters ~ Statistics and bits from 2020

Sex Matters ~ Statistics and bits from 2020

This post is going to be all about the positive side to my blogging 2020. There has been plenty said about the negative aspects of this past year in regards to the world in general and our community – by me and others. So today it will all be about statistics from 2020. Which is great as I love statistics. Plus, a few other bits.

I thought the header image represented the year 2020 well. A lot of stairs- some broken, and a difficult climb from the start.

Before I move on to my statistics of 2020 I will start with a few other constructive things about the past year. It may have been a horrendous few months but I was very productive in many ways.

Projects 2020

Life Matters

I started the year opening an ad-hoc meme called Life Matters. Each topic lasts a month covering different aspects of the prompt during that time. Over the year we have covered, Food,  Books and Personal growth. Money Matters will be live midway through January 2021. Update coming soon.

Seven Days in April

Right at the start of lockdown in March I had an idea for seven people to write about their experiences of the then unknown lockdown – for seven days. A journal type view of normal people trying to make sense of the new way of living. You can see who was involved here and get a copy of the book from amazon. I re-read it the other day and many parts seemed so poignant after having gone through almost a year of extreme restrictions. I am very proud of what we achieved with this short ebook.

Blogable Club

It was part way though the year that a chat with Marie sparked yet another project involving the pair of us and Missy too. We want to provide simplistic blogging and writing tips for everyone. Free. So Blogable was born. The three of us have learned so much on our journeys to where we are now and feel it is important to share that information. Karma…

I love the community we have created. Come over and join? It is FREE. Many of the posts are open to all but some are just for members.

We have great plans for all kinds of posts and projects for 2021 at the Blogable Club. You can listen to  us chatting about how it came about.

Fiction Relay

All of a sudden I had the urge to run a fiction relay. This is where a story is passed from writer to writer, each moving the plot and characters forward and passing the baton on until the tale is complete. Thank you once again to those who joined in. We had a blast!

4Thoughts Meme

I took the helm solo and introduced quite a few new bloggers to host a prompt once a month. It has been very popular. Click here to read what the 4thoughts meme is all about.

Blog Statistics 2020

I have written a lot this year. More than ever before… I must say I did get a thrill from checking out my 2020 statistics.

I will list the posts that received the most views throughout the year.

Non-fiction – written in 2020

  1. Three Times a Woman ~ This story is a fictionalised account of when my man and I first met and how I got in touch with my kinky side. It is mostly true which is why I have listed it under non-fiction.
  2. Oral Sex & Me ~ Love and Licks ~ A very personal account of my difficulties with oral sex over the years and how I moved passed them.
  3. Submissive Saturday ~ This true sexy tale was a joy to write as it occurred after some very difficult months. My man and I spent the day indulging our needs.
  4. Diary Date – Where I give him Head ~ The post is part of old diaries from 1997. And this entry is all about when I was kind of forced to give a guy head.
  5. Experiences of Erectile Dysfunction ~ I am really happy to see this post get so many views. It’s an important topic. One which I will be returning to in 2021. It was sponsored by a couple of companies who deal with trying to help those who suffer from ED. Many thanks to Cousin Pons for providing the header image.

Fiction ~ written in 2020

  1. Yesterday’s Knickers ~ This flash fiction tale was written in January and has been a run away success. I really do recommend it. Many thanks to a guy in panties for the header shot.
  2. Working from Home ~ I wrote this during the lock down inspired by so many people working at home. It was sponsored by a really excellent sex toy company. I was quietly surprised at it’s success. But I did put one of my best images up front.
  3. When Lightening comes from the East ~ I wrote this in February when ideas about lockdown were something that happened elsewhere. I included a lockdown scenario that at the time read like science fiction. But turned out to be tame compared to what the country is actually still going through.
  4. Massage Magic ~ This is another story I wrote as a sponsored post for a tantric massage company. I enjoyed writing this time-slip tale. Many thanks to Cousin Pons once again for use of his image.
  5. I have a Cunt ~ This is a flash existential tale. inspired by a Franz Kafka story.

Older Posts popular in 2020

There is always a flurry of older work that gets read almost as much – or more than – recent offerings. Here’s the top five…

  1. Face Slapping ~ It does not surprise me this post does well as it ranks on google first page in a search for face slapping kink. What do you think about slapping a face during a sexy session?
  2. My first boyfriends Bucket list ~ This probably features as I updated it not so long ago. I do like this early sexual experience post of mine though.
  3. Hand Job in the morning ~ Musings and true life tale featuring hand jobs!
  4. Naked Truth. My Pussy and Me ~ Another entry that does not surprise me in it’s popularity. All about my naked cunt.
  5. Spank me Red ~ Where could I go wrong? A spanking true tale and a few images of my arse too…

Images 2020

My galleries get a lot of views each week. This page contains a link to all of them.

And here are my top nine images for 2020 – Check out this post for a slideshow of the photos in large.

best nine 2020 statistics 2020

Guest Posts 2020

I hosted a total of seventeen guest posts throughout 2020. Some were by friends and some sponsored. Here are the top three…

  1. Vanishing Point ~ From Toolie. It is a wonderfully erotic tale that is part fact, part fiction. A recommended read, even if you just want to work out which bits are true.
  2. Running with the Satisfyer V Balls ~ From Barefoot. This is a fabulous sex toy review. It grabs you from start to finish. I am not surprised how many views it has received.
  3. Alternative Pleasure from a particular kink ~ Another from Toolie. This was only published ten days ago and has stormed up the guest post rankings. Have a read and you will see why!

Podcasts 2020

Apart from the podcast about Blogble, linked above, I featured in two others. I have never really wanted to be involved with this medium but actually enjoyed chatting and have even thought about doing something along this line myself in the future if I find the extra time.

  1. Isoellen ~ This podcast was super fun. I felt that we were out at a bar catching up on our lives, loves and kinks.
  2. His Lordship ~ I had skirted this interview with HL right from when he first broke into this area. But succumbed to his charm lol. He is an excellent interviewer. Very prepared and nosy. If you listen you will find out loads of stuff about me. That even I had forgotten until he brought it up.

Writing Else Where 2020

  1. Hot Octopus ~ At the start of the year I had a interesting article of mine published all about coming to terms with my kink.
  2. Frolic me ~ Writing for a fun movie – Beautiful Ink – in the spring. I created a racy plot around sex and premier league football.
  3. Fetish ~ My friend Affinity Noir is a professional dominatrix. I interviewed her back in February.
  4. Shag Story ~ Back in April I wrote a smutty tale for this new online magazine
  5. My Erotica ~ on Medium. I really like this outlet. Their stories are varied and fun. Check out all my work on My Erotica and Medium here.
  6. YouPorn ~ I was pleased as punch when they got in-touch and said they were now dealing with erotica. I am writing a sci-fi erotic series for them. Read all my YouPorn stories.
  7. I have also written various sponsored posts for different companies on my blog. Some made the top five in non-fiction or fiction above. But you can find all my blog work for others here.
  8. Posy – me and Nero ~ What a team we make. I loved writing with these guys. The concept was Posy’s but we all contributed along the way.

Half way through the year a few outlets became closed to me due to the editors having a sheep mentality. Believing what they hear rather than questioning. And of course continuing to employ friends. I am pleased to have found other publications to work with. And am also very excited to report that some fiction of mine is being edited at present by a publishing company and will be out in e-book, print and audio – shortly.

Sponsors & Bits

Please take a moment to check out Sex Matters sponsors, Passion Honey ~ a fab UK based sex toy company. You can read more about them here...

I recently wrote a post about contributors and supporters within our world, mentioning quite a few bloggers and tweeters.

I spend a lot of time creating content for this blog and contributing to the community. If you like my work, or you feel I have helped you in anyway during 2020, please consider buying me a coffee – via Ko-fi and paypal. It would be very much appreciated, just click HERE – or ( if you see it)  – the button below.

Or support me by letting me read your tarot cards...

Here’s wishing you all a better and healthy 2021

Looking back statistics 2020

18 thoughts on “Sex Matters ~ Statistics and bits from 2020

  1. Wow, you have been busy, thoughtful, sexy, erotic, provocative, and so many other things that have help me (and probably many others) to get through this horrible year. You’ve always been an inspiring presence. Thank you for that. xoxo

  2. I echo what’s been said above – you’ve been incredibly productive this year, and stayed positive, creating varied new content despite having negative events happening IRL. I always love collaborating with you and I’m pretty chuffed how the several projects we worked on together turned out. Keep at it May, we always want to hear from you.

  3. Wow what an amazingly productive year you have had when you write it all down. You are a fantastic blogger May and have been a real beacon of light this year. Missy x

  4. Reading through this, and recognizing some of your posts only by name, I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful blogging year, and honored to be one of the Blogable Babes. We are going to have so much fun with the site in 2021, and share so much more. Your mention of karma made me smile. Also, I look forward to Money Matters. I already have one post in mind for it 🙂
    I love being your blogging colleague!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. The year was a good blogging year and good for friendship too – i too am looking forward to 2021 with blogable – it is always good working with you Marie – you are a true professional at what you do
      May xx

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