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Sex Toy Play or time to put away?

Sex toy play can light up a sexual occasion but sometimes it is simply not necessary to illuminate it in any way. Except maybe a butt plug to add to the excitement plus a whip and some rope to create the scene?

Let me take you there… A few summers ago…

True Life Date Night

“Come on the weather is great and we have such a large area outdoors to play in.”

“Yeah, but we have family coming to stay tomorrow and that will need a lot of our energy.”  I half-heartedly attempt to postpone the date night.

“Well let’s start early and then we can get an early night too.” He debates.

“Oh go on then, it’s been a while and I can wear that gorgeous lace dress, its warm enough even outside for that.”

We eat dinner on the patio and then move to a mirrored area where some groovy bunting is swaying in the breeze.

“Hands above your head.”

I obey and he ties them to the beam. Raising my arms automatically pulls the slip dress up so my arse is on display.

“Time for a few quick photos” he smiles and produces his camera.

After about five shots he says,

“Enough of that.”

He starts with the whip. Lashing my arse and swinging the tendrils between my legs so the soft suede tips graze my naked lips. Shaved that very morning. I can feel myself moistening as he continues with the thrashing. Never really hard but this instrument is more designed for pleasure than pain.

Without saying a word his knob nestles my cunt from behind. A hand wraps around my middle and swings my hips back to meet his. Like one person.

His cock finds its place and jabs me several times as I sway slightly from the force, my hands still tied above my head. Looking forward I can see the action in the mirror and the show is a hot one!

Untying my hands he leads me around to the small outdoor lounge area. He pushes me roughly face down on the seat and I can hear the familiar sound of his belt sliding through the band of his trousers. Forming a loop he brings it down in a few extremely hard cracks on the top of my left arse cheek.

“Fucking ouch,” that is going to bruise.

My arse five days later

“Shut up bitch.”

Pushing a spit-lubed butt-plug in my bum hole he then fills my cunt with his swollen dick and his hand pushes me into the cushions. He thrusts all the way in and pulls out so his knob is almost fully exposed again. Then repeats. This is a favourite activity of his – he likes to watch the progress of his cock. It feels as if I am being fucked with meaning. With the butt plug in play, the illusion of fullness is hot as hell.

Our date nights always incorporate lots of input and this evening is no different as he turns me over and sinking to his knees  his tongue greets my slit. The warmth and smoothness is a joy and I lay back and relax for a moment knowing he will soon move on for his pleasure, which is obviously mine.

I am not disappointed. Standing above me he aims his cock at my mouth and almost frantically begins to face fuck me. I can hardly breath so am quite relieved when he slows and rubs the tip on my mouth, almost like a lipstick and darts it in and out as the muscles of my lips clasp around it.

Just watching him handling his cock from such a close distance gets me wetter still. I move my fingers down to my clit and start to rub rhythmically as he puts pressure on his shaft. In a glorious moment simultaneously, he sprays my face and my orgasm rises.

Sex Toy Play in the spot light

Occasionally we have included sex toy play, using a new item, and incorporate a review.

13 thoughts on “Sex Toy Play or time to put away?”

  1. Hot story, hot pics, and I’m left wanting to give you a few jabs myself! But since that is out of the question here’s one maybe you *can* answer:
    How does a butt plug compare to a dildo or vibe up the arse? I’m guessing it’s the thin bit (on a butt plug) that makes all the difference vis a vis pain/discomfort around the anal opening? I’ve become less inclined to try sticking anything up my wife’s arse since she ran her finger up mine and left it there way too long (“argh, it burns!”) but maybe a butt plug feels different? [For her ass, not mine – I’m Wussy Boy]

    1. I have only ever had a finger or a cock (refuse large ones!) or a small butt plug so I can’t answer that 😉

  2. A sexy story I enjoyed reading, May, and one I would like to have been a fly on the wall watching. Fabulous photo in your sexy lace dress. I hope you got the place in order before your company came.

    Your first statement about using sex toys is so true. It can definitely be an occasion, good way to put it, or just something extra to heighten enjoyment.

    I’m going to go read Captain’s history now.

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