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Sex Toys and Sensitivity

 A few months ago I reviewed the Crescendo Vibrator and took loads of photos. Some did not appear in the review but I think are too good to just be forgotten about.

So here is one in the header shot.

Recently Miss Scarlet wrote all about masturbation through her life. It has proved to be a very popular post and well worth reading. She was pondering over whether using high powered sex toys over the years had actually made her clit less sensitive, needing more attention to achieve a strong orgasm. At the end of the article, she said she would be very interested to find out if others have had a similar experience.

She says:

It seems, for me, reduced sensitivity to manual stimulation is a natural effect of using powerful toys.

Nero shared her post in his SoSS today and posed the question:

is reduced sensitivity part of the ageing process and hence toys are used to stimulate – rather than it being a natural effect from using the toys.

I can only answer from my point of view. Sex-bloggers, in general,  seem to use so many sex toys. It actually quite surprised me and I am not naïve by any means.

Sex Toys

My first boyfriend took me to Soho when I was 17 ish and we bought a vibrator. He wanted to use it on me rather than me needing to have it for my own pleasure. Indeed, once we split up I put the toy away and hardly ever bothered with it. Though I should say it was not very sophisticated piece of equipment compared to the ones we are fortunate enough to have on the market now. These days sex toys are state of the art,  and may even look like something you could find in your Aunt’s bathroom as Fairy Cakes explains in Zumio got intense.

Vic also liked inserting things into my cunt. He had a kink for household objects such as candles or bottles. The glass felt extremely cool and sexy so maybe a glass dildo is something I should contemplate. Seb was so vanilla it was untrue and Al just wanted to get his cock up my arse.

My man is happy to use anything if I want it. So that very much brings us up to date. I have experimented in the last year with a few sex toys because I have reviewed them for my blog, but on the whole, I do not feel the need to include them in our activities. A whip, rope, belt, blindfold and fine cock – Now you are talking.

On reflection, even when masturbating alone, I would rather use my fingers and my imagination.

So being relatively inexperienced with sex toys may make me a little unique among sex bloggers.


So on to the sensitivity of my clit. I do think it was slightly more sensitive when I was young. Before I had children. Or should I say the orgasms were stronger before I had children. Maybe it’s an evolutionary hormonal thing? I don’t know. One thing I do know is my mind – imagination – is the most powerful stimulator I own and that very much takes me to places sexually that a toy would never achieve.

31 thoughts on “Sex Toys and Sensitivity”

  1. I just don’t reach for toys when I’m alone, if anything I get frustrated by them and finished the job far better with my hands.

  2. Thanks for linking to my post and thanks for weighing in on the subject. I found the question Miss Scarlett raised perplexing so its good to get your input on it. As we’ve seen from some of the replies on her blog and here the responses are all different for everyone – I guess we’ll never get an exact one.

    1. Yes all different and that’s what is so great about humans 😉 But it was an interesting question to pose and would really like to maybe take it further

  3. “A whip, rope, belt, blindfold and fine cock – Now you are talking.” Yep, that sounds like the perfect recipe to me


  4. Fabulous photos, I love the fact they are both a little bit teasing. As for the question of sensitivity, for me ageing and also childbirth improved both sensitivity and my ability to orgasm. I had never had an orgasm, not alone or with a partner until I was 28. I tried everything they suggested and nothing ever happened. Then I had my son and suddenly it was like my genitals had sprung to life! That was 6 years ago now and my sensitivity is improving all the time and sex toys has certainly helped with that too x

    1. Very interesting comment Floss. It is funny how childbirth increased the sensitivity and orgasm ability for you but not for me. Just goes to show how different we all are. WOW – to u not having an orgasm til 28 – Kayla was 32. I am pleased that you too are making up for that now 😉 x

    1. i know what u mean Dave – on the beaches – and when I wrote “lonely hearts”I thought about your beach with ollie 😉 x

  5. With toys or via manual stimulation, my orgasms have never been too strong. Though, I’ve found it takes me longer to come whether I use a toy or not. I’m in my 30s so my guess it’s more mental than age, but who knows. Love the first photo by the way.

    1. Thanks Cara – interesting comment – I would expect your orgasms to be strong – age thing- but maybe the way we climax is wound up in so many different things x

  6. I like the suggestion in the first picture but like the second too. I am glad that you posted these as they are very sensual 🙂

  7. I agree, in spite of all the sex toys I own my fingers still work the best.

    Oh, by the way May, you are definitely unique among sex bloggers, but not for that reason.

  8. Mmmm those images are so sensual, you can almost feel the vibrations on your nipple just from looking at it 🙂
    M xxx

  9. Great to find a use for pictures you like! Interesting question about sensitivity. My experience is that it is so tied to my mental state that age seems to have improved it as I am now more connected to me and my desires.

    1. Good to see you 😉 Yes, but i do need to get around and doing so new ones thou. Got some good ideas but can’t muster the inclination xx

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