Sexting the City ~ Short Erotic Story

My phone beeps – I have a message. Picking it up I see a photo of William, my husband, with his erect dick, posing in the work toilets.

It is a real close up and written on the shaft is love U. I suppose if he had an extra long cock it could have said happy anniversary! That’s why he’d sent the image, married thirteen years today. Not that he was in the habit of sexting me Pulling up my top I laughed as I began to reply with a shot of fleshy cleavage and my mind went back to a time in 2005 when I did become involved in some heavy sexting.


It all started when I caught my usual bus on the way home from work. I was twenty-five then and mobile phones were new on the market – too new for me to be able to afford one. Seated at the back I was wondering what to wear for Friday night out with the girls that very evening. I got squashed into a corner when a new passenger plunked down beside me, and noticed something digging into my bum. I was half perched on a mobile phone. Pocketing it, I intending to hand it to the driver when I got off the bus.

But I forgot – truly. I wasn’t trying to steal it. Or thinking finders keepers. Only when I got home and hung my jacket up did I remember what was in the pocket.

Examining it I searched the menus for numbers – perhaps I could ring one and return it. On further investigation, it became clear this was a brand new phone. A solitary text message from the network provider announced the mobile had a hundred messages ready to use and explained how to top up. And that was it.

Glammed up ready to dazzle my mates, I was walking out the door when the phone beeped with a text message. I stared at it, surprised.

Hey, Jess. Was cool to meet u on the train yesterday. Fancy a drink when I’m nxt in the city? U really think I look like Keanu Reeves? Yr pretty hot yourself – bit of a Jennifer Aniston. Luv Billy.

Keanu Reeves – oh goodness I was a fan of his – thought he was gorgeous. And Jess must be a bit of a babe. Unlike me. I scrubbed up OK but without make-up was considered plain. Even my name, Jane, is associated with plainness. I was a little bit plump back then too – in a homely way.

Popping the phone in my handbag I ran out to meet my friends, not wanting to be late.

That night I got drunk enough to end up snogging some stranger in the bar. Thankfully my mates pulled me into their cab and dropped me home. Narrow escape. But it had left me more than a little horny. Losing my balance I fell onto my bed fully clothed and began to think of Billy. Before I knew what I was doing I ‘d texted him a reply:

Hey, Billy. Just got in from a night out and got to thinking about how great it was to meet you. So great that I’ve got my hand between my thighs.


I was shocked at myself. The first bit was obviously a lie but the second was happening at that very moment. I began to gently circle my clit with the tip of my middle finger.

The phone beeped.

I don’t want to interrupt but u have just made my cock hard as fuck with that message. Going to have to take some me time.

Immediately I replied saying I wished his cock was in my hand or his head between my legs. We were sexting and it felt as if we’d invented it.

I eventually climaxed. Very intense. I think he did too because the messages stopped. Until the next day, that is. He made a tentative start.

Hi, Jess. How ru? Quite a night wasn’t it? LOL.

But I wasn’t Jess. Whoever she was. Some babe he’d met on a train journey. I would have to stop texting him – well, sexting and texting.

I refrained from any phone action but he didn’t stop. It was kind of cute. He was telling me about his day in general. He played for a village football team and then went for a pint after.

That night I stayed in with a movie and a bottle of Merlot. Towards the end of my third glass I noticed the phone vibrating. I had worked out how to put it on silent to try and not think about Billy. But now relaxed I glanced at the message.

Hi Jess. Hope I didn’t offend with my sexy texts. But u started it. Funny u didn’t seem the saucy type on the train. When I’m nxt in town I’m SO going to show you what to do with my cock.

I couldn’t help it:

Is it throbbing for me?

And so another night of hot sexting took place. Two orgasms later I went to bed and slept in late.

After a few days I forgot I wasn’t Jess. We got into the habit of saying good morning to each other and often messaged on and off all day, finishing with some horny talk at night. I was falling for him. I can’t deny. Then I got the message I was dreading.

In the City for the weekend. Wanna meet?

My heart missed a beat. Really. What could I do but agree?

I chose a pub, ExcaliBar, where nobody knew me. I had no idea what I was going to do. But I just wanted to see his face.

Making sure I was early and positioned in full view of the door, with a glass of red, I clocked him the moment he walked in. Not quite Keanu but my type for sure. He looked around. His eyes didn’t even linger on me. Then he went to the bar, came and sat just two tables away and got his phone out.

Mine bleeped. Of course, he was texting Jess – asking how long. Oh my god! I needed time to think. Another wine. That would clear my head.

Clasping my glass I turned way from the bar, back towards my table and bumped straight into someone, spilling wine all down his white shirt. Looking up to apologise I saw Billy.

“Oh my goodness. I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say,”

His eyes met mine and it felt as if he could see into my soul.

“Hey, no worries. Let me buy you another drink.”

We stood chatting and he was everything I’d imagined. His eyes kept wandering to my cleavage. Then back to my face. A good sign. We got each other – I could feel it. But what about Jess? Watching him glancing at the door I knew what I had to do.

Making my excuses I went to the bathroom.

Hey, Billy – can’t make it tonight. I forgot to mention I have a boyfriend. It was fun but that was all I was after.

Send. The end of Jess.

As I walked up to our bar seats he was looking at his phone, slightly perplexed.

“Anything wrong?” I enquired, reaching forward and deliberately touching his hand.

He momentarily cast his gaze into the distance – pondering. Then he looked me up and down – carefully.

“You know,” he smiled, “ I can’t put my finger on it but I feel as if we’ve known each other for ages. Are you waiting for anyone?”

“No my friend has let me down,” I lied.

“Mine too. Fancy a pizza?”

I ditched the phone, started seeing Billy every week, and we married a year later. I call him William. Suits him more.


I click send on my ‘happy anniversary’ cleavage shot and wonder… what is Jess doing now?

This story was written by me and sponsored by the guys at the Free Sexting Site who provide information about online sexting sites and sexting tips.

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Sexting the City

26 thoughts on “Sexting the City ~ Short Erotic Story”

  1. Great story and it ended exactly how I wanted it to – yesss!
    (I was expecting it to be illustrated by one of your magnificent selfies tho’ – or is that you above?) 🙂

  2. I loved where you went with this prompt! Now let me totally age myself. I was from the time when pagers were the thing. So I figured out how to pager sex my husband at work. I would send him a series of messages, well numbers of course then on break he would sit down and try to figure them out using the phone pad. Basically you put in the number that is attached to the letter you want to use. So 2 would be A B or C etc. Ohhhh it was so fun. Did I mention we are 25 years married this October??

    1. Wow so you invented sexting – 😉 that was a cool thing to do, with the pager, thanks for reading 😉

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