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Sexual Behaviour is a Choice

True Story

Over on my sister blog, Before May Mattered, I have just posted the next diary instalment. These diaries are real. They were written some 20 years ago, knowing a lot less than I do now. In some ways my thoughts and ideas were already formed. For instance, I was cynical about the way the world operated regarding politics and the reasons for war. Even at such a young age I was correct where these beliefs were concerned.

I was less astute when it came down to sexual behaviour. I expect I was just naive as my experience had not really afforded me to think any differently. If I knew then what I know now, I would have felt differently about some of the things that happened. The first one to shock me is the subject of this week’s post. If you decide to keep up with these diaries you will later read how on another occasion I am surprised once again, and as a result  behave very badly. Then slowly it dawns on me that, in relation to sexual behaviour, people will act in a variety of diverse ways.

Sexual behaviour is a choice and what people choose to do or accept varies wildly along a scale or over a spectrum. Deviant sex has been in existence and enjoyed since the beginning of time – nothing is new.

If I could have written a letter to the ME that was – twenty years ago – I would have warned myself –

not to judge or jump to any conclusions too quickly. Reflect a bit more, rather than over analysing. Enjoy the present without dwelling upon the past.

Oh yes hindsight is a wonderful thing.

After all –

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.


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