Sexual Benefits of Tantric Massage

Sexual Benefits of Tantric Massage

Let me introduce you to Erica from the magazine Karma Tantric.

Erica has written the following article all about how the Tantric Technique may possibly improve your confidence and sex life.

Guest Post ~ This Secret Tantric Technique Will Restore Your Sex Life

Most of us crave a passionate sex life. But stress,  poor diet, working long hours, and the strain of daily life can hamper you achieving it. If your sex life needs a boost, try tantric massage – it is  guaranteed to get things sizzling in the bedroom again.

Tantric massage is a form of erotic massage which can help with your orgasm, leading to better sex. However, instead of being solely focused on the act of achieving climax, it aids the body with relaxation by focusing on the erogenous zones. This ancient practice helps a person to reach an extreme state of bliss, enabling the awakening of erotic senses.

How does tantric massage improve your sex life?

Boosts confidence

Tantric massage is an amazing confidence booster. Whether you’re a man, woman, or couple, who struggle with self-esteem in the bedroom, the art of tantra will help you to feel comfortable in intimate situations.

It isn’t a normal nude massage as it uses shakti (energy) to heal any physical or mental sexual blockages. It’s a very hands-on experience, allowing you to learn new ways of pleasuring each other. You’ll be able to successfully communicate your likes and dislikes, helping you to feel confident and satisfied in the bedroom.

Enhances orgasms

Tantric massage is very sensual and highly effective for giving you mind-blowing orgasms. If you’re searching for heightened sexual feelings, or are looking to experience orgasm for the first time, this type of massage is the way forward.

By promoting stress relief and relaxation, a tantric massage allows you to fully connect with the art of tantra, so you can release your sexual energy. It will help you discover how to connect with your partner via breathing techniques, to acheive, not minutes, but hours of erotic pleasure.

Ejaculation control

Men suffering with ejaculation control will find tantric massage particularly helpful as it teaches you to understand the sexual responses your body provides.

A main cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety. By increasing your sexual confidence, tantric massage lets you retrain your mind. You learn how to slowly respond to sexual pleasure. Using lingham strokes allows you to build up sensations in your body, culminating in an explosive release of sexual energy.


If you struggle with intimacy, sex can be a difficult act to participate in. Luckily, tantric massage improves feelings of intimacy for a better love and sex life. The sacred practice of tantra is just as much about inner healing as physical connection. Tantric massage brings you closer to a partner by allowing you both to feel contentment and joy in an erotic manner, while exploring new ways to pleasure each other.

Sexual freedom

Tantric massage opens your body up to a spiritual and sexual awakening. You learn to love and enjoy sexual pleasure. No longer being afraid of sex means you are able to relish the passion you have with your partner.

First warm oil is rubbed all over your body. This creates erotic energy by touch. As this gradually spreads you relish this intimate moment with a partner until a happy ending is released.

You’ll both feel turned on, helping any stress or friction to disappear. Your sex life will be boosted and you’ll be ready to practice the new found skills in the bedroom.

How to perform a tantric massage on your partner

Create a sensual and serene setting with a comfortable area either on the floor or bed – wherever you feel most relaxed. Add music and candles to enhance romance and allure.

Apply warm oil onto your partner, gently glide your hands all over their naked body. Make sure you focus on the whole body and not just the genital area. Soft, teasing touches are best. You can take it in turns to massage each other as the sexual tension builds. You may wish to enjoy full lovemaking if you’re both feeling aroused. Whatever works for you both is perfectly fine.

Use these tantric tips to give your partner an incredible erotic treat.

If you prefer to use a highly trained massage expert for a tantric massage, Karma Tantric can help. The girls are experts in providing discreet treatments to awaken your sex life.

You can also find Erica on Twitter and Instagram.

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