Sexy Texting and Relationships ~ Guest Post

There are many topics that just seem to come up time and time again. Sexting, or as I call it sexy texting has been covered on my site before.

I have written a fictional story about a couple who started texting when mobiles first ever became popular. Their phone interaction then turned into sexting. And I also featured a guest/sponsored post all about how to sext – for those new to this type of fun.

This blog advocates that communication should be key in any type of relationship. But does the way you communicate matter?

The following is a guest/sponsored post written by Arousr. It explores the more controversial issues that may surround sexting as a means of communication.

Sexting ~ A New Crisis for Relationships?

Technology has definitely changed the way that people are communicating these days. Not only are employees taking advantage of smart devices and tablets to keep in touch with co-workers and customers, but husbands and wives are using these devices to spice up their relationships. In fact, there is a good chance that you have heard about the recent phenomenon known as sexting. One might think just because there is a lot of sexting going on in the relationship that things are heading in the right direction. Well, recent research shows that this might not be the case at all.

Communication Breakdown

You can speak with any professional or do tons of research and they are going to tell you that communication is a must in any healthy relationship. Not only do you need to be able to talk freely with your partner, but your partner needs to be able to speak freely to you without the fear of being chastised. One could easily argue that sexting is a form of communication. Sure, this is true, but too much technological communication in any relationship could be a sign of waning human contact. In today’s technological filled world, too many couples get comfortable communicating through technology and lack the real human interaction that is needed to keep the relationship alive.

Too Much Focus On Sex

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having sexting partners and exchanging a few dirty texts now and then. However, there is such a thing as too much sexting. Sex is without a doubt an important part of any relationship. If couples can’t connect in the bedroom they won’t likely succeed, but this doesn’t mean that sex is everything. It is as just as important to maintain emotional and intellectual chemistry with your partner. Witty sexual banter can be a huge turn on, but it should never make normal conversations awkward.

There Is Sometimes Jealously

It is common for a relationship to harbour a little bit of jealousy. This is especially true when it comes to sexting. Sometimes the person who didn’t initiate the event will start to wonder where their partner got the idea. They might even think that the other person is a little too skilled at texting. This could lead to the eventual assumption of cheating. Partners may begin to suspect that their loved one has participated in this type of sexy activity before.

Creating Misunderstandings

Texting is a great way to keep in touch with friends at all times. The only problem is that people aren’t always available. Sometimes they are in meetings,  on crowded trains, or on occasions they mind even be in deep conversation with others. It may create an awkward situation if you are involved in an activity and a sext comes through. You might automatically feel prudish and taken back because the dirty nature of the text just doesn’t seem appropriate for the situation. This could make it hard to give the reply that your partner wants and is expecting.


At the end of the day, sexting is not black and white. For instance, some people argue that texting is bad. However, there are still many people who will agree that it can be fun and beneficial for everyone involved. It is true that if it is taken too far it may result in major repercussions in their normal life. Still, sexting is good for those who are single and ready to mingle. It can be flirty and it is a great way to find a significant other.

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4 thoughts on “Sexy Texting and Relationships ~ Guest Post”

  1. I had a pal who I used to chat to & things sometimes took a spicy turn. The predictive text was very hampering as was the time difference – 1 of us would be busy while the other was gagging for an answer!
    Great balanced post x

  2. A well balanced and interesting post. I expect there are a wide variety of ways people indulge in sexting. It can mean different things to different people and with different outcomes. From my limited personal experience the ability to type fast is useful and also not worrying about too many spelling mistakes as things start to hot up. If you can type one handed, that’s a bonus!

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