Shadow Banning Stinks, SoSS Smells Sweet

Shadow Banning Stinks, SoSS Smells Sweet

I am shadow banned again. Its been nearly a week this time – yawn. Shadow banning on Twitter is becoming common place. I am using it as the theme to SoSS for the second time, trying to fill in some of the blanks. The original post was published just when my first ban was lifted. I also wrote a piece just before that about censorship. Please take a look at them as well as the other links I am sharing here, as it even if it has not happened to you yet, that shadow could be lurking just around the corner.

Understanding Shadow Banning

Shadow Banning is a difficult concept to fully understand as I think it may have more than one level to it. There are many reasons why Twitter will inflict this on you and they won’t discuss it. Both times I have put out a fully naked photo hours before before the ban was enforced. But this could just be a coincidence. Too much retweeting or promotional tweets seems to land you in trouble too. One thing seems certain when it happens, you do not appear in a general search.  Also, your tweets will not be seen in the #-groups you send them too. However,  your followers may see them there if they have their filters for sensitive content unchecked. We should all do this anyway. Why let twitter choose what you see? Twitter often puts the tick in by default. So its up to you to turn in off.

From a laptop – Go to your account details – click on settings and privacy  – click on notifications and make sure the sensitive filter is unchecked.

If you are searching a group go to the three dots on the top right and click on it. Make sure your quality filter box is not ticked.

Click on any of the above images if you need to see the options closer.

I am not sure how you do either of these on a phone.

When under a shadow ban your tweets seem to disappear from any thread conversations you have participated in and some of your notifications do not appear to those you have interacted with.

As far as Retweets are concerned I am unsure about all the intricacies.

What I do know is that when I am shadow-banned my tweet impressions drop dramatically.

Find out more

shadow banning

Check HERE to see if you have been Shadow Banned. (Don’t use if you have a locked account as they show as shadow banned simply by the nature of them).

I found a post this week by the blogger Jengle Bells – she explains shadow-banning in some detail in – What it means to be Shadowbanned on Twitter.

Scandarella made a point in her SoSS post to encourage bloggers to visit sites of people under the ban. She also very succinctly explains what it is all about in – Love Links #6 – take a look.

Monthly Summary Post

SoSS is a great way to put our communities posts out there for more people to see and read. This week I noticed that on her blog Aurora Glory writes a summary post each month. In this she puts links to the writings she has published over the month and also to anything else which has particularly caught her eye during that period. It is thought that too many promotional tweets may lead to a shadow ban, as really twitter want you to pay for them as Ads.  With this is mind a summary post is a great idea. It enables you to promote more than one thing you have published in a single tweet. Similar to your weekly SoSS, but putting yourself in the spotlight. Have a look at Aurora’s latest one November Favourites.

My Pick of the Banned

Here are my recommendations from bloggers who have been under the shadow this week.

A few weeks ago Ferns from Domme Chronicles put out a fantastic post regarding the whole SoSS / Shadow Banning issue – Pornocalypse. I missed it then – probably because she was shadow banned at the time and I was not following her. I have remedied that now.

Cara Thereon is an inspirational writer so most things she publishes grabs my attention. As a budding writer, and avid reader I found Task at Hand very hot and captivating.

Nero has tried his hand at erotic fiction a couple of times but says he is not entirely pleased with the results. Well I disagree with him and think he did a good job with A walk in the Woods for Masturbation Monday recently,  and should stick at it!

Marie published an amazing photo for Sinful Sunday last week – Just Red.  Also check out the rest of her blog as it has so many things to offer.

As a little extra Go Go is also shadow banned – she does not have a blog but puts out some great tweets.

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8 thoughts on “Shadow Banning Stinks, SoSS Smells Sweet

  1. Another useful article May, thanks, I’ll bookmark it and check out the links when I return from my own self enforced internet shadowban. ( Going to the Oasis today back late)
    Indie x

  2. Thanks for the story plug! And for the info on shadowbanning – it seems I am in the sin bin too. I understand what shadow banning is – I just dont understand why Twitter do it.

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