Out from under the shadow and ready for SoSS

After a whole week I have finally been let out from the under the shadow.

Twitter decided I was worthy once again, and removed my Shadow Ban.

I have learned a lot since I put out last weeks #SoSS post:

  • A Shadow Ban means that even though your followers can see your Tweets, they do not appear in a general search or in # groups such a #SoSS. Indeed if someone searched for your Twitter name nothing would show up. Though I feel there may be a few levels to Shadow Banning.

  • Twitter do not inform you that it is happening and apparently generally ignore that it is a common practice.

  • You do not need to break the Twitter terms and conditions or really do anything wrong for it to occur.

  • They have some sort of algorithm that looks at your account and decides if they think you may be a robot. There are a lot of “Twitter Bot Checkers” online for us to use. The higher the percentage an account achieves, the more likely it is a bot. Interestingly enough many of us sex-bloggers scored reasonably high on this boto-meter! Funny thing is the people I have got to know in this community seem far more real to me than most. For goodness sake of course we are real – we write about sex!

  • There may be a few things you can do to get rid of the ban; make sure that promotional Tweets and RT’s only make up about a third of your Twitter interaction. So lots of chit-chat and general Tweets about life; adding a phone number to your account may help; not following any actual robots – I unfollowed a few that were obvious bots; Limiting the amount of #groups you use in the Tweet; not putting out loads of naked photos – Damn!

  • It is also possible that if you simply carry on as before and change nothing, it will be lifted in due course.

Ban the shadow!

Click here for the Shadow Ban Checker

The experience of being Shadow banned has made me really think about my Twitter interaction. I do have a tendency to over think anyhow, so it was part of the course. Behaving in a certain way would probably mean you would never be subjected to a shadow ban. And I have altered the way I use twitter slightly in the hope they would be happier with my actions. I do rely on it to promote my blog, so I was desperate for the ban to be lifted.

However, a little warning bell did sound in my head and made me think about China and the fact the Chinese government want to award their citizens for what they think is good behaviour. If they watch government approved TV programs or eat/buy government approved products they will get points. These points can lead to privileges. Whereas a low score would revoke said privileges. Life becomes just like an interactive game. Read more about that here.

Sharing and Caring

On to the more important reason for this post – the sharing of our community erotic writing or images.


The first person I want to shout out to and share is the wonderful Sassy-Cat. The above photo was the image that first alerted me to her blog when it was featured on Elust some time ago.

Wet on the Washer by Sassy Cat

Sassy’s blog is full of great posts, images and even podcasts. The post I am sharing was put out for KOTW last month and involves Cat getting tied up. It is particularly hot as in her own words she tells us, “I am not one to be tied up, restrained or confined” – it feels like we work through this whole episode with her.

Cock & Lace: A short by Understanding Flutterby

This poem just spoke to me. I do not hide the fact that I adore to see a man in a pair of ladies lacy knickers – this evokes a beautiful and strong image of just that. I found it on Wicked Wednesday this week, and have read it so many times already.

Fading Away by Malflic

This Sinful Sunday image very much left an impression on me. The over exposure is great and there is also something very expressive and poignant abut it too.

Please take a look at the links above and spread the love …

6 thoughts on “Out from under the shadow and ready for SoSS”

  1. It’s all to do with money. Social media companies don’t want to get sued (for copyright or pornography) but they also want us feeding the machine. They want us on their platform so they can sell our data to advertisers – but they worry our Sex blogging could include talk/images of under age girls or whatever else might outrage politicians (and shut them down for).
    It’s quite sneaky – and Facebook have been doing something similar but in a different way. If you post too much on FB the algorithm just quietly reduces the number of people who see your posts. As you point out, you really have no way of knowing this (although the Twitter checker you linked to is great).

    1. It makes me so cross – the naked body is beautiful – for fuck’s sake lets not give our kids any more complexes to grow up with. Sorry, u are S-banned Elliot. I for one enjoy seeing your naked photos

  2. I have participated in the SoSS for the last 3 weeks and have really enjoyed spreading the love. We all put out some excellent writing and photos – I want to spread the word, far and wide 😉

  3. Lots of great information on the topic of twitters “shadow banning.” Glad to hear your back in the light, no longer in the shadow lol. Thanks a million for using my photo & sharing my story. ? And pointing me in the direction of some stuff I have missed.

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