Showtime with the Siren by Svakom ~ Review

Showtime with the Siren by Svakom ~ Review

Something about the way this toy looked intrigued me.

First impression

Shaped a little like the vibrator Purplesgem reviewed for me recently, but this one is from Svakom. The Siren.

When I took it out of its discrete brown paper the Siren was presented as a gift. Beautifully wrapped and as it is a little more expensive than the average sex toy you would expect the packaging to be attractive.



sirenI ran my hand along the length and felt the flexible tips. The texture pleased my sensitive touch. Immediately I began to image what this firm yet soft and silky phallic implement would feel like inside my cunt.

My usual stance is to incorporate a new toy into the games my man and I are playing. But when this landed on my mat I was in an unfamiliar situation. We were working in separate places for a short time. Not only that this was my third day without him and I was missing his hands on me and his cock in my mouth.

Arguably the best time to try something new.

siren all
Siren with instructions, pouch and charger

Having read the instructions I noticed it could be played with in the bath. I put it on charge, using the USB lead it arrived with, and read purplesgem review again โ€“ it is pretty hot so I knew it would get me in the mood.

Wet play

A few hours later I lay back relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of Pinot Grigio โ€“ (Oops product placement) ๐Ÿ˜‰ – and began to enjoy some me-time. I am convinced many people do not like to be alone with their own thoughts. I do try and I am a lover of the dirty stories my mind conjures up when I’m by myself.

The part of the toy that interested me the most was the tongue shaped tips at the end. Turning it on I angled the top so this bit would vibrate against my clit. It was easy to start up and seemed to enjoy the warm water. But my siren may morebud retreated when it met the tongues. Finding them far to assertive for her liking ;-). I think the problem is with me. As mentioned before I don’t include sex toys in our play very often. I believe heavy use of vibrators and the likes may lower sensitivity to a stimulus. So my sensitive clit needed a lower level of vibration. However, I had a fiddle and realised I was already on that setting.

So I decided to test the toy in a different area.

Inside my cunt.

The siren in the bath with me!

Internal dialogue

I inserted it, tongues first, just a couple of inches and turned it on. Oh my, now that felt really good. I enjoyed having it inside me โ€“ my man and I don’t really get involved in too much PIV sex and when we do it can be very vigorous. Here I was able to direct the toy โ€“ moving it back and forth slightly โ€“ as slowly as I wanted.

When I was younger I really enjoyed what I called vaginal orgasms. Climaxes that were achieved by stimulation inside the cunt, not byย  clitoral teasing.

The repetitive motion felt great to me. I advanced the Siren one setting and laid back to visualise a scene worthy of the orgasm that was already building up in me.

When I am masturbating I have to think about my man. And often I’m not even in the scene. This time I was – imaging my man was punishing me for being a bad girl.

Of course in my little imagery fantasy we all explode with our climaxes simultaneously. And with these images in my head and the Svakom Siren doing its job, tongues titivating the sensitive skin inside my vagina, I experienced an extremely intense orgasm.


Orgasm two

The next evening I was still man-less so I took my new friend to bed and decided to use the other end of the toy to stimulate my clit. It is smooth and quite bulbous. I put it up to the second setting and the vibrations, not too over powering, provided a sensual rhythmic sensation. The satin touch of the toy enhancing the experience. It didn’t take long before I climaxed and fell happily into a deep sleep.

Verdict on the Siren

Well I would not trade my man in for the Siren. But I don’t think there is a toy out there that could give me the pleasure his fingers do. But I will be keeping this vibrator in my travel bag so when I do have some alone bed or bath time I can be assured of an encounter which will match my needs.

If you would like me to do a review similar to this for your company please get in touch.

I agreed with Svakom to give an honest review of this toy ~ and I wouldn’t lie ๐Ÿ˜‰

15 thoughts on “Showtime with the Siren by Svakom ~ Review

  1. First the pictures, then the story, I couldn’t contain myself.
    But then the story stopped?! Dear god woman, please let there be a Part 2, I’m begging!

  2. That particular toy doesn’t appeal — I think it’s those petal things…no thanks. BUT that little fantasy hit a few buttons of mine for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice write up. Reviews are tough because you have to make them interesting, and I think you did a spot on job here! Iโ€™m super curious about the tongue end. It made me think of the Venus fly trap from little sip of horrors admittedly when I saw the close up.

  4. I liked the sound of this toy – I too am intrigued by the little vibrating split tip, I assume the intention is that it stimulates the ‘g-spot’. The style of your review, packed with photos and a sexy story inspired by the sensations from using the toy was great, fun and novel. I’m delighted to hear how effective the item was for you. When your man gets back in the same location as you there can be experiments regarding ways to enjoy it together also.

    1. I can’t do formal reviews Posy – it does not fit on my blog. When I get asked to do a review that is the first thing I tell them.
      I wrote this a few weeks ago – so my man and me have been back in same house for while now x

  5. Great review, May, and absolutely luscious pictures! I’m intrigued by these type of toys; I was fascinated by the one that PurplesGem reviewed, and this is another one in a similar style. I’m determined to try one out soon ?

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