Silver Spheres are Me

Silver Spheres are Me

Last spring I became mesmerised with some silver spheres, well balls, I found outdoors.

What is the first thing to do when that happens? Strip and take some selfies – of course.

So here is Day 4 of my FebPhotoFest, continuing with the outdoor theme. I love the sunlight reflecting back… Oh and I have my wellies on again!

silver spheres reflective
Three Sunlit Silver Spheres

Mention ~ Yesterday on the PhotoFest I enjoyed this image.

February Photofest
Day 4 Silver Spheres

12 thoughts on “Silver Spheres are Me

  1. Wow you found them outdoors? What a creative way to make good use of them 😉 I love how you can capture yourself in that reflection. Love the shape of your body and the ambiguity that comes with seeing it from afar

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