Claret on Sinful Sunday and the ArtTwist

Claret ~ I am really enjoying the new meme from the fabulous Indie – ArtTwist. A painting is presented and you creatively add your twist to it.

  • For ArtTwist 1, I had such fun writing an authentic Newspaper report about the what – in my mind – perhaps happened next.
  • For ArtTwist 2, I was asked to write the round-up, and the entries were really inspiring.

So here is my entry for ArtTwist #3 and Sinful Sunday – Inspiration from the painting, Danae. (1907), by Gustav Klimt, and is at the top of this post.


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30 thoughts on “Claret on Sinful Sunday and the ArtTwist”

  1. WOW, gorgeous image! I definitely have to look into the art twist too!

    Rebel xox

  2. Just amazingly beautiful!

    The Klimt is one of my favourite paintings. You’ve actually added to my love of it.

    The construction of your image, too: I’m in awe!

  3. A fantastic recreation, it’s so clever and close to the original one. Well done

  4. A magnificent image. So rich and full of interest and you May in the centre looking so amazing. My breath has been taken away by looking at this and I feel happy and contented. xx

  5. Oh May, this is glorious! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to produce such an evocative and original image. I’m already getting the urge to hold an on-line exhibition of the most amazing ArtTwist works and this certainly fills the bill! Thank you!

  6. I have spent ages looking at this trying to pick the various piece apart and I just can’t because you have done such an amazing job and really created a piece of art


  7. Where did this come from??? This is fabulous, May, a wonderful collage of image!

    Hey, remember that idea you had for me on ArtTwist 2? I’m doing it.

  8. Wow, May! I honestly thought this was a Paradise Lost album cover when I spied it while scrolling through Twitter. Job well done <3

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