Assets on Sinful Sunday

Assets on Sinful Sunday

I have often been told that my mouth, tits and legs are my assets – all are portrayed in this selfie. But I know my real asset is my mind…



I’d like to dedicate this post to M from Cammies on the Floor. (Posts are still appearing on her site).  Back in the spring I posted a similar image  in a sharing post, she commented on the photo saying she was a little envious of my dress 😉

Sinful Sunday assets
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20 thoughts on “Assets on Sinful Sunday

  1. I’m not sure these assets can be separated out really, you are a complete and delightful human being physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m sure M would have appreciated the image though!
    Indie ?

  2. You do have the most beautiful kissable mouth but I agree with you about brains, that is definitely where the real sexy is


  3. A beautiful image May. You have lots of assets for us all to admire. I agree with M about the dress. It is so poignant that posts keep appearing on her site, wonderful, but so so sad xx

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