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Read between the lines ~ naked fun

Between the Lines ~ Being naked outdoors is always a bonus.

Probably because for it to happen an opportunity has to arise and the weather needs to be warm for me to strip. The naked wood shots I have been putting out over the last month was one such day. It felt like summer then.

Between the lines

Read between the lines

Last week on Sinful Sunday

Each week I pick a favourite from last weeks Sinful Sunday entries. I try and feature one that did not make the actual roundup. There were a few last week that were chosen in the top 5 which I adore – the one from Molly and the one of EveRay by Exposing 40 – the other shot that I simply kept going back to was this one

Check out all of this weeks entries below…

Aug 17th Read between the lines

24 thoughts on “Read between the lines ~ naked fun”

  1. If I’m not mistaken that’s 1-2 days regrowth on that magnificently denuded pussy? Either that or I need a better laptop display. Or to stop pressing my nose against the screen so closely.

    Either way I’m available for whatever waxing/shaving needs you may require.

    (Yes yes, I know you’ve already gotta man, and regardless my services are not required, but please don’t ruin my sad little fantasies!)

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