Sinful Sunday Blue Scandalous Ladders

Sinful Sunday Blue Scandalous Ladders

Sinful Sunday Blue ~ #334

Scandalous ~ Sinful Sunday Blue Ladders

sinful sunday blue

I really love photos that are taken outside but not necessarily with beautiful backdrops. The wall in this photo is ancient and a great setting for any number of images.

When I saw the monthly prompt was blue I immediately thought of a pair of blue tights I have. In my eagerness to put them on to shoot this shot, I laddered them. I do have an identical pair but I liked the fact they were ruined and I would be positioned on the stark concrete by the tumbled wall. It seemed fitting.

In addition, the light is making my white shirt seem rather blue.

Kiss the lips to see other Sinners this Sunday…

Sinful Sunday

38 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Blue Scandalous Ladders

  1. Despite your best attempts to follow the prompt (and you have, and those blue pantyhose are sexyAF, especially the little seam teasing down from your belly button to the ‘action gusset’*) my eyes are still drawn back to your resplendent breasts. They are magnificent.

    [*that’s a private joke between me and my pubescent self]

  2. I love the colour of those tights. I also have to admit I love the sluttish look to torn or laddered stockings/tights.

  3. The best part about ruined tights is that you can use them for play – to be stuffed in someone’s mouth, used to tie someone up, or ripped off! You have really nice legs!

  4. I wasn’t sure about the title till I thought about what the ‘laddering’ would look like, clever. And I agree that it makes the image better than undamaged hose would. Man, there is a lot to like in this photo, the obvious and the wall, but I like your stance on the chair, the position of your hands and feet, May. Beautiful in Blue.

  5. I actually love concrete and stone as backdrops for photos. It makes for really good contrast. I’ll often take things outside and use the driveway as a backdrop for taking pictures of objects. The color variation of the stone/concrete makes for a great effect.

  6. This wonderfully hot image held my attention immediately and I’m finding it very hard to look away.

  7. Golly, that is such a hot pic, May. Those blue tights are beautiful – and I agree, the laddering improves it, by adding a touch of dirtiness…

    Just all round grrrrrr….

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