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Boots and Bottoms on #SinfulSunday

It has been a few weeks since I posted a Soss of my favourite photofest images.

Although remember that every day, in my own post, I feature a recent photo fest image or blogger and today I am going to look back on just a few of them, in case the reader or creator  missed their mention.

PhotoFest Shares

Now onto my image, Boots and Bottoms…

My day 22 February PhotoFest and Sinful Sunday

Click on shots to enlarge…

The shots above are identical, apart from the colour edit.

However, a  similar shot  can be found here in a very popular true life erotica post of mine. Can you spot the difference?

Day 22 ~ Boots and Bottoms

20 thoughts on “Boots and Bottoms on #SinfulSunday”

  1. Ah May, the colour one is so nice, appealing, sexy, pretty, everything? I think this is my favourite of February so far. I love the subtle red of your cheeks, the light and the dark on the right of you makes your skin look extra nice. I really like also how there is that little green at the bottom plus your boots to add to the outside aesthetic. I love. this picture.

  2. A very sexy pose May. You look incredible as always. I failed to spot the difference, even when enlarged. The photos, that is – not me. 🙂 xx

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