Bound for Better for Things

Bound for Better for Things

In this photo I am bound by rope to a chair in the barn. Arms behind my back.

I have quite a few others which are more explicit but may save them for a story board.

I had to amend this photo to increase the light. But do quite like the minimal look of this particular edit. It picks up the veins in my breast too.


bound sinful sunday

This image was taken at the same time.

I didn’t manage to participate in the meme last week but this was my favourite of all those that did.

Check out other sexy sinners…

Sinful Sunday




21 thoughts on “Bound for Better for Things

  1. I love this thick rope and the way it disappears behind you, to what we know is your hands secured. Another beautiful image May xx

  2. That’s a lovely soft rope you have become ensnared in there May. It contrasts so well with the tension in you fabulous body. Yes, a hot photo. Definitely a hot photo, and like Nero I look forward to seeing the others. 🙂 xx

  3. I’m going to be utterly brazen and say everything about this photo is lovely but hot damn May your breasts are just delightful! That is by far my favourite part of this image :p sorry rope (not that sorry) x

  4. what a beautiful shot. I like the cropped version that comes up at the top of the post too, the way it emphasizes the loop of the knot and the curve of your shoulder. Lovely

  5. This is a beautiful image — there is a kind ethereal quality to the light on your shoulders, and I love how crisp the detail of the rope is. ?

  6. This is such a sexy image. The thick rope really contrasts with the softened of your skin. Definitely good for a story and I’d be up for the more explicit ones! ?

  7. Yes, that’s a nice thick rope… all the better for binding you tight.
    A great pic but I’m looking forward to seeing the more explicit ones. Pardon my OCD but seeing your right breast cropped leaves me feeling slightly cheated.
    Yes, silly – I know – I’ll work on that. ?

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