Bountiful Breasts for Sinful Sunday

Bountiful Breasts for Sinful Sunday

Well as I am Shadow Banned again by Twitter – just after I tweeted a gorgeous photo of a naked womanΒ  – I thought I would strike while the iron was hot.

Bountiful Breasts

Up close and Personal.

When I was a young woman I hated having big boobs but now I love em!

bountiful breasts
Sinful Sunday #376

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Sinful Sunday

29 thoughts on “Bountiful Breasts for Sinful Sunday

  1. Delectable!
    Like some of the other gentlemen here (and possibly some of the women) I’d love to… {wistful sigh} …well, your man has those bases covered so I wont waste my breath! ?

  2. I would have loved for mine to be a bit bigger, but then again, I am quite happy with them, especially since they are still firm, despite my age πŸ™‚

    Rebel xox

  3. Beautiful breasts, like how it seems as though your nipples are wanting some attention

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