Sinful Sunday Breast ~ Outdoor Shot

Sinful Sunday Breast ~ Outdoor Shot

Sinful Sunday Breast

I take most photos of me myself.  But occasionally my man will get out his camera and start snapping. All the readers from the UK will remember when we had our summer this year – a few days at the end of June. And they were hot days and nights!

One afternoon we took a picnic and bottle of wine and headed down to the river. We found a secluded spot, opened the wine and enjoyed the picnic.  Alcohol in the afternoon has the reputation for evoking friskiness. True to form it wasn’t long before we were both stripped naked and I began sucking his cock.

But that is a tale for another day.  After we relaxed in the sun, still naked as it was punishingly warm. It was then that he took a series of topless shots of me, this being one of them.

Sinful Sunday Breast – Loving the outdoors

sinful sunday breast
Sinful Sunday Breast

I like the way my flesh is in focus and the green of the trees blurred and used as a backdrop. The heaviness of my breast can be clearly noticed. Only a bit of my nipple can be made out and the rest of my breast is also left for you to fill in the blanks, and envisage yourself.

Kiss the lips for more Sinful Sunday secrets.

Sinful Sunday

38 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Breast ~ Outdoor Shot

  1. Beautiful,so ripe and succulent like summer mangoes that Boob …I can just lay under it and just prod at it with my tongue and lips as I try to taste the elexir from the nipple

  2. Those look like like magnificent breasts! And I look forward to seeing more of the nipples, since that is my kryptonite. You *are* going to publish the whole roll aren’t you? 🙂

        1. Well normally I would say if you subscribe (on right) you get the password or you can email me and ask – but as far as you are concerned you have a very hotwife that you are crazy about plus a horny Instagram account. So I don’t think you need to add me to your collection. Also, FYI I have been tweeting that hot pic of your wife and had a good response! We want more! <3

  3. My goodness there is so much beauty in this photograph! And your date sounds amazing! I hope we have a bit more sunshine so I can do the same lol
    Aurora x

  4. Being naked outside is just about as good as it gets. I’m glad you made the most of the small amount of heat afforded to the UK this summer! The shades green in the background accentuate the paleness of your skin really nicely – lovely shot!

  5. So gorgeously shapely! 🙂 I really like the almost abstract composition and you’ve captured a lovely dappled green light – can’t beat a nice bokeh effect!

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