Buoyant on Sinful Sunday

This week it has become very chilly compared to the oppressive heat we had only a month ago.

This is the last of my pool shots from that time that I am going to share on Sinful Sunday. There are others but I will put them into my Gallery when I get round to updating it, soon…

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31 thoughts on “Buoyant on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Beautiful shot – the water is glorious, and so are you in it! (All these water pics this Sinful Sunday have me chomping at the bit to go on my vacation!

  2. I think this is my favourite of the pool shots so far. Just looks so relaxing but also so damn sexy with your boobs floating on top.
    Missy x

  3. So beautiful and I miss the sun and heat so very much. I hope some of it comes back in September and puts Autumn off a bit


  4. I have loved these shots. Your body looks incredible and the image just makes me long for the warmth of summer 🙂

  5. So very sexy and this makes me long for a good swim, which will thankfully happen in three weeks time!

    Rebel xox

  6. Well its cold and rainy here, but it just got a whole lot hotter! These pool shots have been thoroughly delightful and I have enjoyed them immensely, so pleased you decided to share them x

  7. This image may be even better than the one of your butt just tipping out of the water. It is so inviting, and really captures the warmth and light of the summer, with the lazy feel of summer leisure time.

    The swell of your underboob is just perfection (you always give me breast envy) but Wow, girl you’ve got it going on! I hope you submit this one to e-lust … maybe Quill would be tempted to draw it. It deserves to be seen and enjoyed!

    1. Oh bless you Posy – as I said I am only publishing the flattering ones 😉 plenty that didn’t make the cut x

  8. I like the way the swirl of blue at your hip catches and reflects the sunlight. It accents the curve of your waist while also highlighting the heat/warmth/light that we otherwise wouldn’t necessarily see, making it “feel” invitingly summery.

    1. Thanks, Feve – the way the water swirls has proved very flattering as I don’t actually have much of a waist – thou breast abounds 😉

  9. A beautiful image
    A beautiful curvaceous body
    A sheer delight as always.
    I love the feeling your pics give me.

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