Sinful Sunday Camera

Sinful Sunday Camera

This image was taken at the same time as another Sinful Sunday photo.

It was never used as the light is not great and of course the camera figures heavily.

Looking at it now I kind of like the grainy feel. Reminds me of an old photo from a dirty magazine πŸ˜‰

The header image is a definite favourite of mine. The camera looks great against the sky.


Click on the lips to see other sexy camera images or take a look at the daily blow – the image above was taken at the same time.

Sinful Sunday camera
Camera Sinful Sunday #382

28 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Camera

  1. I love both of these. The one featuring you is wonderful though, the lighting makes it feel real and I love your splayed fingers.

  2. Love your spread fingers . . . obviously you were enjoying yourself . . . and I’m sure your man was as well (and not worrying about the lighting at all!)
    Very sexy !!!

    Xxx – K

  3. They are both fab photos but in different ways. I find the second one so sexy. Like I have just stumbled across you both and you don’t care that I am there so carry on ?

  4. Fantastic images, both with a very different feel. The camera silhouette against the sky is so bold, and your framing and mood in the second is very intimate and reminds me of indulging in one another in a lazy afternoon whilst the world carries on outside, your splayed fingers are a great focal point.

  5. I am with you May, I think it is a great image. The light and the grain make it feel very real, not staged, as that makes it all the more sexy.


  6. I especially like you fingers splayed against his thighs. There is a symmetry to this photo that appeals to me. And I do like the warms colors.

  7. Great images May! I love the positioning of your hands in the second one, it just adds a spiky fillip to the solidity of your figures. And I’m with CP on the grainy look too.
    Indie xx

  8. I can almost see the curled edges of the sex magazine, I’d stuffed between my mattress and bedspring, visited so many times that pages had softened and yellowed. This is a nostalgic aesthetic and I really like that.

    1. That’s a good word for it – nostalgic – the outfit I am wearing was from a charity shot and made in the 80’s so it felt like that era when we were doing the shots πŸ˜‰

  9. I wrote a super awesome reply to this and then my laptop was a jerk and it’s so early I already can’t remember what I said, so I’ll have to start again … Love this image. I love how the gritty and grainy effect makes it look ultra sexy and like you’re getting down and dirty, in the sexiest way possible. It feels very raunchy and that to me is fabulous x

    1. TY LSB, never thought I would get the chance to use the header shot but it fits perfectly with the title of my post πŸ˜‰ x

  10. Yes, both pics are great. The evening sky in header shot looks fantastic, and the one with your man … well, he looks very ‘in charge’ doesn’t he? I like your ‘hands up’ stance – I can easily imagine him telling you “Wait, not yet” as he gets the shot he wants.

  11. Sometimes those shots with the most IMperfect lighting can be the best “accidents” and turn into very intriguing pics… this one couldn’t be better…everything about it (including the lighting) make it VERY SEXY!!

    1. I could not resist putting the header photo in the post – When I took it I never realised it would come out so well

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