26 thoughts on “Camouflage On Sinful Sunday”

  1. No, you’d DEFINITELY blend in there. Nothing to see except a beautiful naked lady on a cliff…

    Wonderful shot. Breaking up the straight horizontals with a lovely curved vertical, such a dramatic pose.

  2. I love the way the angle of your body gives movement to this image. There is a timelessness to this art nude image which makes it so appealing CP.xx

  3. So much flirting going on!
    To say “I love the image too” seems pretty prosaic but I do. You look like a sculpture in the first one.

  4. Really a cool picture but makes me cringe! All that smooth skin vs all that craggy rock!

    1. Funny enough no matter how I edited this shot I came out the same colour as the rocks – I did smile 😉

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