Lacy Castle Walls ~ Panties

Lacy Castle Walls ~ Panties

I can not believe how tired I have been. Exhausted and tearful after weeks of hard work, days of travelling and a few intense social activities.

Thank you to those who have inquired how I am because of my absence on social media and posts. I literally have found it difficult to concentrate for more than ten minutes and have needed to sleep for many hours. And that’s what I have been doing, and reading old books in the sunshine behind my castle walls.

It has left me in a reflective mood and I think I will have to re-think how I spend my time. Hence, you may find me on Twitter less so I can still do what I really like – write for my blog. I always try and reply to some feedback I receive after a post. From now on, I shall be far more interactive in my comments section. So if you leave a comment please pop back when you have time.

I would like to do so a short SoSS here

Thanks to Mrs Fever for making the time to discuss the topic of blogging and social media with me. She has one of the best blogs out there. If you don’t frequent it I very much recommend that you do.

As I have not really done much erotic reading this week I will turn to my three male, amigos – things from the past they have published that you may have forgotten.

Cousin Pons writes such page-turning stories but I can not forget this image from him. He published it last year and it was his very first Sinful Sunday post.

Elliott posts amazing photos but I always remember this fantastic piece of writing from him.

Nero – well his honesty constantly touches me – have a read of this very hot true story he wrote quite a while ago.

And here is a selfie of me, behind lacy, castle walls for Sinful Sunday 😉

lacy castle walls

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41 thoughts on “Lacy Castle Walls ~ Panties

  1. This feeling of exhaustion seems to be going around. I definitely feeling you on that. Taking the time for you is important, resting above all. I loved how you titled this post with your photo.

    1. Yeah I am behind my castle walls in more ways than one as being tired does not really promote sex – thou to be fair we have had our moments 😉

  2. Hello lovely, sorry to read you’ve been under the weather, must be something in the air I fear…
    Love the close-up of your lacy castle walls! Very enticing…

  3. Hello Lovely May – so sorry you’ve been feeling cream crackered, but you’ve done the right thing to rest and heal yourself – books and sunshine do it for me too! Twitter is a time stealer as much as a way to promote yourself, so I totally agree – concentrate on your sexy writing, take pictures and have me time (or me n him time) – Twitter can wait! The picture is all sorts of lush, hinting at hidden delights to be discovered! xx

    1. Yes it was warm enough for some of the week to sit in shorts and a T-shirt – Even in my tiredness I felt very lucky 😉

  4. It’s so important to realize that it’s okay to walk away for a bit and come back when you can… I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so stressed, and I hope that you’re getting the chance to begin to recuperate. <3

    1. Thanks, Jo it was more exhaustion really – too many long days with not enough sleep in between and some hard manual work thrown in. So when I got to the wedding I was already nearly on my knees 😉 x

  5. Taking time away from it all is very important and something I know I am very bad at and need to work on more. However the daily walks have definitely been a good thing for me. They give me time to think and just be…..


    1. Ah Molly I am so with you on the walking – that’s what usually works for me – walking where there are trees and so plenty of oxygen – nothing better x

  6. Such a sexy, teasing image.
    It’s good to hear you have taken the time to rest. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and focus on ourselves. Good for you for doing just that.

    Rebel xox

  7. Even on a day there is a new Princess, you will always be our Queen! Yes, concentrate on your writing and what’s most important to you, May.

    Thank you for bringing my story out into the light again, it was fun to write. I should be doing more of that too. I’ll let you know what I think of your lacy castle elsewhere.

  8. Your lacy castle walls are extremely lovely May. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad week but I hope things are a bit better now. Sleep and reading is such a good tonic and I’ve done quite a bit of it myself this week. Very kind of you to mention my old SS post. It seems so long ago now. Keep well. CPxx

    1. Thanks CP and for checking on me in the week 😉 I have never forgotten that first photo of yours, I had only got involved in SS the previous month and just love that shirt x

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