Sinful Sunday Church Attire ~ Sinners dress code

Sinful Sunday Church Attire ~ Sinners dress code

Sinful Sunday Church Attire #337

If I was going to mass would I wear this outfit under my coat? I very much doubt it. Many years have passed since I attended a church service for any reason. Recently I wrote about having sex in a desolate church. In that article I published one of the photos taken that evening and here is another one.

Sinful Sunday Church Attire For Sinners

Sinful Sunday Church Attire
Some wear lace to church
Guest Post

My church post was received very well by most of my readers but naturally, it raised a few issues with others. One person who found my article led her to delve deeper into her past was @lapsedcatholic1. Some of you already know her from Twitter or indeed you may have read her now redundant blog. I was very pleased when she agreed to write a post for me featuring her journey as a lapsed Catholic and how my writing brought about some strong feelings. It will be publishing later in the week and we hope the #sinfulsunday members will pop by to read it.

Kiss the lips to find other sinners this Sunday

Sinful Sunday Church Attire

22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Church Attire ~ Sinners dress code

  1. As someone who grew up in churches, I ended up rebelling and when I rebel, I rebel hard so yes, I probably would wear this underneath a more ‘respectable’ outfit. I won’t intentionally offend others but I also won’t completely toe the line.

  2. I bet there are tons of people who wear naughty underthings to church just to feel a little rebellious – there is a relationship between sexual op/repression and sexual rebellion that manifests in many ways.

  3. I love so many different things about your image, as soon as my eyes are attracted to one part of the image, another point of interest appears… the story is like icing on the cupcake!

    1. Interesting concept and true – when I was a kid I had to go to confession every so often and just made up the sins to confess! Would get told to say three prayers as my punishment- now I just get spanked 😉

  4. As i often say in my vanilla life when my lack of faith comes up “i am the product of Catholic grade school, high school, and University , God understands”

    Of course if people dressed like in your picture i am not sure i woukd have ever missed mass.

  5. I enjoyed your church story, and its great to see another pic from that day. Reminds me of the veils women wore (but shinier) and probably still do somewhere in the world – been a while since I was near a church for sanctity or sin…

  6. oh my….this I can relate to because I was once Catholic. 12 years catholic school and a week or two in a convent, even named after a nun.
    I look forward to reading her piece and go read your post about sex in a church. How absolutely sinful!!! 🙂

  7. My mind runs wild thinking of sitting next to you in a church knowing you were dressed like that under your coat. I think I would be holding the hymnal in one hand over my lap.

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