Daily Blow ~ start the day your way

I have commented before how it is vital in our relationship, for my man and me to have  frequent sexual activity. This does not always end in an orgasm, but it keeps our bond strong. So even though it may not actually be a daily blow, it does occur as part of our routine, more often than not, during a week.

Daily Fun

In this photo I was getting dressed up for the evening. Before I even got out of the bedroom he pushed me down, got his cock out and took this photo. I think the image sums up our daily blow. Though usually I am dressed casually and just happen to get down and kneel – or I am naked in bed.

Other sinners are behind the lips

38 thoughts on “Daily Blow ~ start the day your way”

  1. This is one of the sexiest photos and posts. Period. I love it when Paul takes control like this. Usually, I am the one who takes control with a spontaneous cock-sucking. I love my husband’s manhood and love to pleasure him as he does for me.

    This is so hot, May! ♡


  2. How lovely to be able to do that. I love the casual pushing you to your knees, that assurance makes my own knees weak!

  3. So hot, I often negotiate daily sexual activity as part of my relationships

    1. OMG! This is so true and I wish that more couples could figure this out. I learned this and now I get to have intimacy daily and even multiple times each day our timing works! The more that my husband and I make love, the more I want from and with him!

      1. If only more couples realised this. If you don’t maintain some form of intimacy the spark disappears and becomes hard to reignite. ‘Sex’ doesn’t always have to be your A Game, but it should be played regularly.

  4. I love that this photo is impromptu but looks like it was planned because of the lingerie – it’s super hot, and I love the framing!

    1. i was dressing up for the eve and had just come out of the bathroom. He was about to put his clothes on and his camera is always close at hand -he photographs anything and everything x

  5. A very sexy image. I love how your body (in that fab outfit) leads the eye upwards. Also love the way you have your hands open rather than clutching. The cheekier part of me wants to caption this: “Look ma – no hands!” (I hope this joke translates across the globe)
    Indie xx

    1. “dies”? ?
      I meant ‘died’ but you knew that. You have me all a tremble with that pic. I can’t type straight…

  6. May, this photo is frigging awesome <3 You look incredible ! I get those feels and we are the same. Something sexual always happens though it doesn't have have to end in orgasm. I think it keeps us going!

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