Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever

Sinful Sunday Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The moment we came across this window we saw a photo opportunity open up. But we had to pick our moment. We needed to be quick and careful as the aspect was slightly within public view. My man took a few different shots, but this was the best. I really like the lighting and the shadows.

Sinful Sunday Diamonds Forever ~ A Window of Diamonds


Kiss the lips to find other sinners this Sunday

25 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever”

  1. Wonderful shot, no wonder you were so keen to use that window. You’ve created a view that’s so warm and inviting.

  2. This feels like a scene out of a raunchy unpublished Bronte novel where you’re waiting for your lover to come back.. it’s perfect. I love the colors and the white lace against the cold steel and great building.

  3. Thanks all for the amazing comments – really love this meme – an image can portray so much, without needing words.

  4. What a fabulous window and I love how the diamonds turn your body into lots of little views and the warm glow behind you just makes it feel really inviting


  5. That really is a great pic! Your man should be very happy with it. Well framed, and great tone.
    You look great too.

  6. I can totally see why you wanted a photo at the window, it is gorgeous and even more so with you in it’s frame 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. The diamonds on the window makes this photo could have been an old fashioned shot could imagine the photo being in
    Black and white as well. Great image.

  8. I like the way the background lighting highlights your form, and the way the contours of your body parallel the lead in the glass. Captivating image!

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