Dissolute on Sinful Sunday

I am a great fan of the novelist and poet D.H Lawrence. When I read his work I feel as if the words are almost singing at me from the page. I have read many of his novels – one of my favourites being The Virgin and the Gypsy – and recently began to take a look at his poetry.

In a way, even though he wrote a hundred years ago, we could view him as current, because his work covers many issues that are still important today.


D. H. Lawrence, 18851930

Many years have I still to burn, detained
Like a candle flame on this body; but I enshrine
A darkness within me, a presence which sleeps contained
In my flame of living, her soul enfolded in mine.

And through these years, while I burn on the fuel of life,
What matter the stuff I lick up in my living flame,
Seeing I keep in the fire-core, inviolate,
A night where she dreams my dreams for me, ever the same.

Prompt for March is The rule of Thirds – sponsored by Crimson Princess

Kiss the lips for some sinful fun

Sinful Sunday #360

20 thoughts on “Dissolute on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Interesting placement May. Everything is calm and still like the sea. Just the place to lie and recite poetry. Your raised legs hint at lustfulness. xx

  2. I love how the colour and tone of your photo . . . and the perspective . . . so perfectly fit the time-frame of the Lawrence’s words.
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. This is such an interesting and clever photo! I would never think to use those poses but they work SO well! The edit is perfect too. A seriously great shot!
    Aurora x

  4. I love Lawrence too, but I’ve not read much of his poetry. I used to dress like I imagined Gudrun did when I was in my early 30’s using vintage skirts, long wool tops and hats… I’m going to make a note of this one, it bears re-reading (well maybe not if your name is Nero – lol!).
    Love how you’ve cleverly demonstrated the Rule of Thirds with your bodies – what fun!

  5. the way the horizon line between water and sky is lost makes this beautifully confusing. it’s very sensual and dreamlike. Lovely!

  6. Interesting photo, an old-timey feel, Lovers Atop the Moor, except the modern camera brings it into sharp focus. (Okay, the modern hat, Levis, shoes, sunglasses, I know, I was exercising poetic license)

    I have never read D. H. Lawrence. Of course I’ve heard of his famous book. I didn’t know he was a poet. I am imagining the man with the camera is thinking this right now as he watches her.

  7. This is a really intriguing image, there is something about the perspective and the scale that I can’t quite work out. It has a wonderful other worldy feel to it


  8. Poetry is my nemesis – and you’ve just reminded me that it is inevitable (“Poetry is Coming”) in the Smut Marathon. Gah!

    So if that’s your man standing there, with his trusty camera, and you lying there, looking very carefree… who took the picture? Did you use a tripod, or can we expect see a story about a threeway sometime soon?

      1. There’s poetry?? Yea, that makes me a little worried. I love a good bit of poetry as is offered here, but writing it for a competition may be above my pay grade.

        Very interesting photo, May. Well done

      2. D’oh – okay, the rule of thirds applies to photo compassion, not poetry. But the poetry section in the Smut marathon is still going to kill me!

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