Dream on Sinful Sunday

I have been involved in Sinful Sunday for just over a year and think it is such a great meme. All about the image.

But mostly the image is not all about me. I post very sexy or erotic shots of myself when really I am so not that person. Don’t get me wrong I adore getting down and dirty whenever possible and occasionally dressing up and smouldering. But sometimes I look at a photo that my man has taken of me or a selfie and am amazed what a camera lens can do. The story it can tell. Because stories are not always true.

All that we seem or see is but a dream within a dream – Edgar Allan Poe

This is me, messy hair, my man’s shirt, still and calm, being where I love to be and looking out at the sea.

No edits to this image – Jan 2018 – the camera never lies


CLICK HERE to see my all time favourite shot of me on Sinful Sunday so far. It did not make the top five but it was a collaboration between me and my man and I love it.

#387 click for SS erotic images

24 thoughts on “Dream on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Reading glasses huh? I’m using those too now – all the time. So what were you reading? Something erotic I hope!

    1. I don’t really read erotica except for other bloggers – I was reading this really dreadful true story about a gypsy boys upbringing – well you asked!

  2. I love how in focus you are in this image – down to even being able to see the little hairs outta place which look to be bowing in wind. It’s a stunning image, May – thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  3. I think this is such a beautiful image. It is one of the shots where I sit and wonder what the person is thinking, are they lost in their mind or are they just absorbing the beautiful view? Who are they? If they turned around would they laughing or crying? An image that inspires those thoughts is a great image in my opinion


  4. This is a fabulous image! Really love it. I can only imagine the dreamy expression on your face 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Being just where one loves to be is the most fulfilling of all feelings!
    Lovely photo . . . and isn’t there something special about the sea, whether calm and serene or rough and stormy !
    And loved your Claret !!!
    Xxx – K

  6. I love how serene and calm this image is, and you are. I don’t have very many images of myself captured by others. It’s always interesting to see what is caught though. Just beautiful!

  7. This is a lovely image! When other people take photos of me it inevitably highlights that I’m a bit goofy and far less immaculate than I sometimes allow social media to suggest!! Maybe one day I’ll be inspired to share an image like that, but I highly doubt it, lol. I’m so pleased you shared a more ‘you’ image though, because it’s really lovely x

  8. This is really beautiful May and I can see why you love it. I really enjoy your images as there is always a story with them and they seem to be snapshots of your life which is part erotic and part loving and part lots of other things besides 🙂

  9. For me being selected for the top 5 isn’t always a good indicator of a good contribution to the meme. I enjoy the glimpses you give us of your life together. Particularly as, because of your story, it gives me a great deal of hope for my own journey.
    I love this image ?

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