telephone office dressed January 2019

Dressed & ready for Dick-tation on Sinful Sunday

Well, here we have a photo where I am completely dressed, even down to my shoes.

Recently my man and I took a lot of photos in a very interesting looking office. This is just one of them.  I do love this dress too. It is black and falls to the knee. It has a tiny round white collar and the material nips in at the waist. The bodice is tight over my breasts. Such a style is very flattering for someone like me who has large breasts but not a particularly a small waist. What a great buy…

Ready for Dick-tation


Dressed and ready to take Dick-tation

Have you read my post about Sleepy Sex?

Kiss the sinners lips below

31 thoughts on “Dressed & ready for Dick-tation on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Yes, I did read your story on Sleepy Sex, it was very good.

    Now take a seat Miss More, I have a memo I’d like you to draft and send…

  2. Very inviting shot May, I love the austere setting and the fun and flirty contrast of your outfit and pose. Did I mention your legs?! This would make a great story prompt.

  3. Being fully dressed can sometimes be much more sexy than being naked. This is one of those occasions where being dressed is just so sexy! Lovely image!

    Rebel xox

  4. Such a SEXY photo . . . Love the look of that office . . . your pose is just delicious.
    Very arousing . . . and I want to see more of that dress !!!

    Xxx – K

  5. This is fabulous. I love the flirty look that comes from the dress and your pose. Vulnerable and yet very self assured. Definitely the naughty secretary here. And your legs ……..❤️

  6. Take away the computer and this photo could have been taken any time between 1945-1975. The retro look of your dress against the tufted leather and stone just screams Petty Pin-Up. Very sexy!

  7. Gorgeous shot! Never saw an office though, there was a beautiful woman taking up all my attention ? Absolutely lovely dress!!

    1. Hey Nikki – good to see you – glad you love the dress – it goes with me nearly everywhere – it is that go-to one – that looks cool and is so comfortable x

  8. That is a very suggestive photo May – heavy with promise of what might happen next. My friend Vampy Valentine would call that a “Wednesday Adams Dress” very good girl gone bad I say (showcases your great legs well)

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