Drunk on Sinful Sunday

Drunk on Sinful Sunday

Be Drunk on life? If you enjoy life this is a must read poem…

Charles Baudelaire  ~ Be Drunk




Give the lips below a new year kiss to find other sinners

Week #351


For more information on the idiosyncratic Charles Baudelaire have a read of Michael’s post.

24 thoughts on “Drunk on Sinful Sunday

  1. HNY to you too May. That photo is divine. You’re blindfolded but clearly give no fucks as long as someone keeps pouring the wine!
    I won’t get too grubby, but I can imagine what happened later – after your man had taken his photographs…

  2. Great poem, fabulous image. You do look as if you’ve reached that “aw can’t be bothered getting up” stage, but I suspect you are just a clever photographer.
    Happy New Year I hope it’s a good one for you and yours!
    Indie xx

  3. Wonderful poem, I guess he was very sober when he wrote it.

    I love your picture and your storys.

    Looking forward to them all next year.

    Make ik a great year!


  4. I don’t like being drunk, but I sometimes am tipsy. Love your image here!
    Happy 2018 to you!

    Rebel xox

  5. Lovely photo of you May. Looking so decadent. As a lover of French literature I greatly appreciated the inclusion of the work by Baudelaire. Break open another cask!

  6. ohhhh LOVE this shot!!!
    expressive and interesting filter.
    there is something about the way you are posed, blindfolded with the glass in your hand that draws me in to the photo. 🙂

  7. That’s an interesting poem, I spent half my life following that advice, remember well waking up in a palace, a ditch, and the loneliness of my room. The last line is the best.

    Love the image, May, just everything about it, especially you.

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