Fettler, Back to Front ~ Guest Image for Sinful Sunday

This is the second time I have hosted an image by Fettler.

The first time was his wonderful photo Man Mountain.

Fettler also has a website with loads more images and musings. Although it is not currently up to date because of work commitments, he hopes to get back to it in the new year.

In his own words he is:

A Photographer, Naturist, Writer, Engineer, Biker

Back to Front by Fettler

I adore this image. The strength he is showing. The lighting. The shadows on the wall. His ability to stay still in that position on a small stand long enough to get the shot. His stance. I could go on…

Copyright @Fettler


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19 thoughts on “Fettler, Back to Front ~ Guest Image for Sinful Sunday”

  1. Great host May – Fettler takes amazing images and this is another one. Get your own blog Fettler – somewhere to showcase your great images. It’s quick and easy to do. And so much better than twitter for longevity of the images.
    Missy x

  2. I’m so glad you hosted this May as I was really blown away by this image as I said on Twitter. So sculptural, deceptive in strength and vulnerability and just a beautiful capture of all of that. Great introduction to Fettler’s work.

    1. Thanks, Kis, he has been doing his selfies for some time – i have been a fan for over a year but this image is his best – but that is just my opinion 😉

  3. This is brilliant. So very sexy and I love the black ad white and the way he both contrasts and blends into the background 🙂

  4. Absolutely stunning image indeed! I think it’s also really strong in black and white, although I am curious to see the colored version too.

    Rebel xox

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