Flogging Fingers on Sinful Sunday

The Sinful Sunday monthly prompt is F ~ My photo is entitled Flogging Fingers!

I could easily have added an extra “F” ~

Fistful of Flogging Fingers

A Fistful of Flogging Fingers


If you like this image you may like this one too. My first ever sinful Sunday shot.

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#404 prompt “F”

28 thoughts on “Flogging Fingers on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Very well composed- love the bokeh! Reminds me why I sometimes miss my “real” camera. Nothing better than someone who knows how to use it, combined with the right technology to use. Gorgeous!


  2. Delightfully menacing, he looks so purposeful, but of course you look rather willing despite the bondage. (Or probably because)

  3. WOW. I love the edit with the purple hue. It is so sexy and dark. I also love the way that your man’s hand can be seen, holding the flogger and the control. This is stunning. I love the original too. ?

  4. Niiiice May! There is so much to wonder about in this photo – definitely a good one for a prompt, I shan’t be surprised to see it on #WW soon! xx

  5. I agree with Brigit about the focus and you in the background the edit of the first photo makes it really dramatic. This is such a striking photo.

    1. There is no edit on the colour shot – we set the camera up to have me blurred and his hand in shot – Glad you like it Cat x

  6. I love the focus here. His hand and that flogger are right in my face..menacing. and then there is that soft sexy background, all hazy and promising.

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