forced in a doorway

Forced for Sinful Sunday

The Sinful Sunday prompt is doorways. It appears I am being forced to give head. Consensual, of course.

It took my man and I a while to get the camera and us in the correct position for this shot. We took lots for a story board I AM going to do. 😉 – Here is a shot which was not quite right.

The doorway frame is wooden and the outside barn stone. I love all the different textures this image shows.

Last Week on Sinful Sunday

Each week I like to link back to my favourite image from the week before. I try and not pick one from the roundup.

Well this image wasn’t in the roundup and was my clear favourite.


#443 Prompt of Doorway

33 thoughts on “Forced for Sinful Sunday”

  1. I don’t know what it is but there is something about your hands being tied to the chair that I find insanely hot


  2. A lovely rural scene. As if we the viewer have come across it by chance. Do we move on or do we linger? I rather favour the lingering option.

    I’ve recently watched two film versions of Lady Chatterly’s Lover and feel quite up for some bucolic pleasures. xx

  3. So much to love about this image- not to mention the fact that you have a partner in crime to create such awesomeness for us all to view! I love that you do these together and he is such a big part of your images and fun!

  4. I agree with everyone who says this makes them think of /want to know the story. I love the energy you’ve captured and the voyeuristic nature of the image.
    Thanks for linking to Floss’ image from last week – that was scorching hot too. x

  5. Oh I love this! The consensual ‘forced to give head’ scenario creates an extremely hot image, and the voyeuristic angle makes me wish I could creep closer and hear what was happening.

  6. A great photo, very arousing – and inspiring. I love that you guys do these things together.

  7. I love this and really liked seeing how you made it work. It is sexy only being able to see a bit of what is going on. ?

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