29 thoughts on “Framed on Sinful Sunday

  1. Wow, what a visually exciting frame with all those patterns and textures! I love the focal point, for more reasons than one, creatively captured!

  2. Fabulous image, and I have serious tights envy where you are concerned – I meant to say the other day! Wonderful photo.. I will check out the rest when I get a minute…

  3. I agree that the focus is exactly right, on the most interesting and curvy bits. I also love the golden filter best – what great shots. My man helped me take a few photos last Sunday … it’s quite good foreplay no?

  4. I’m guessing these fishnet photos were all taken in one shoot, or you must have a few pairs.
    Because I can’t imagine the photographer lasting for long before getting his grubby paws on you and tearing them off…

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