freedom of expression

Freedom of Expression

My photos taken on the moor have somewhat told my love story.

From the waiting to the stagnation, to the initial togetherness and then on to the bondage. Now we move on to Freedom of expression.

This image depicts the freedom and space that my relationship has given me – free from conventional constraints. Now the only restraints I have are ropes when he ties me up!

Freedom and space to be me

24 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression”

    1. I love the hat too – its actually not mine – i borrowed on the day we did the “moors” shoot – must get one of my own

    1. Thank you – when i posted the first one “waiting” i could see how all the others would fit into the true story I have told over the past month or so 😉

  1. The images and colours in this series of photos are glorious, I’ve really been enjoying them to date, and I love that you’ve told a story with them.
    Indie x

  2. We talk about the circle of life, but life to me is more a trunk of a tree with branches, some branches are mere twigs some are strong, almost as strong as the trunk itself. You have climbed to the top, snapping some twigs along the way to reach the strength of the stronger branches. Bravo, you were right to follow that path. And on a side note a pretty hot pictures and another side note I love the effort you have put in particularly into SOSS. You are constantly commenting and praises other postings, and have really pushed the SOSS forward. As you know I rarely read blogs now and I know I owe you a few comments on some of yours but I really did like these series of pictures.

  3. I like freedom of expression, and the sensuous fantasy this image has evoked.

    Thanks for your SOSS thoughts.

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