Gypsy Tangerina Guesting for Sinful Sunday

Very pleased to be hosting another post from Gypsy Tangerina.

Gypsy’s words and image.

I took this photo a few days ago because at times I’m very, very confused about my body. We have a love-hate relationship – my body and I.  Some mornings I wake up and it feels okay to be me with hair. At other times I awake from dreams of the wrong shapes in the wrong places.

The body image I have of myself isn’t fixed at all.  As a result, I end up reconstructing myself in my head every day. This image jars in my mind because sometimes I can see it as being very feminine and other times I see it as overtly male. It’s got me thinking about the way we construct our own personal image of ourself every day and also how we construct images of those around us.

We look at someone and decide first if they are male or female. Then we decide how male or female they are. The whole process is so automatic to us we barely notice it.

I give you my bare naked body. Look as long as you can. Notice how your brain processes what it sees. I wonder if you see what I see every day – a body that will never quite be me.



Gypsy Tangerina for Sinful Sunday


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24 thoughts on “Gypsy Tangerina Guesting for Sinful Sunday”

  1. Gypsy,

    I have no doubt that one day your body will be you. Either that or you will be your body (or at least view it differently).

    A very sensuous and sensual image

  2. I see a sensual image, softness and elegant curves.
    Reading your words, I cannot imagine the struggle you go through, but as others say, I hope you see the beauty in yourself.

    Rebel xox

  3. I think your curves speak to something soft and feminine. It’s easy to tell someone they look gorgeous and lovely, but receiving that compliment is hard. I hope you see the beauty in yourself.

    1. Thank you Cara. I’ve really appreciated a lot of the comments on here and May letting me post. When I lived in my caravan, I used to dress up in the sexiest thing I could find and take shots to post up. Now I have a flat with a bit more privacy I tend to wear less glamorous, (albeit colourful,) things to relax in. The tension surrounding compliments is easing with time. I have a friend who drives long distance trucks in the US. She dresses in motels. Often goes out to bars. Has had heart surgery and often suffers with it. Is married and “doesnt speak of it” with her partner.

      The other week a woman in a bar told her she made an, “ugly looking lady.” It devastated her. That I can relate to. Because it destroys so much time and effort you put in to becoming what you truly want to be but can’t. There Is so much psychology involved in what happens with it and it’s no wonder Dysphoria subjects lash out when they see members of your community attacked in the media and online. The capturing of such an ephemeral part of your own existence that you crave so badly is sometimes like raking the moon out of a psychological swamp.

      I think I will post again. I’m going to write. Piece that talks about the first time I ever cross dressed and the feelings it awoke. X

  4. Soft, sensual and inviting is what this image says to me. I am so pleased you have shared this image and your accompanying words with us. I very much hope that we see more from you on Sinful Sunday x

    1. Thank you. I’m planning to write another piece but I’m not sure where it will go. X

  5. I find this very sensual, vulnerable and somewhat coy. Mostly soft and endearing but also protective. I think, in combination with your words, it evokes many feelings.

  6. Gypsy Hi! I find this picture conveys elegance, restraint and a sensuous quality.

    I am someone who would like a bit more curve in some places so I can relate a little to your wistfulness there. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have the mental struggle with image and perception that you deal with on a daily basis, but I have hope that people are learning to be more open minded and less judgey than in the past.

    I’m getting to that age where people look past me, not at me as they did in my younger years, but in my head I am still the same girl in her 20s! So I imagine, if you look at things from that standpoint, all of us will have a little taste of what you are dealing eventually.

    The #sinfulsunday image you’ve shared is beautiful, a subtle celebration of an attractive body with great skin in a relaxed pose which draws the observer in. I hope you feel able to join in and share more.

  7. Your words and image have touched my heart this morning Gypsy. Your thoughts and feelings, your daily struggle with your body are so well depicted in the image which is beaufully cool and sensitive. You look splendid. And of course, welcome to sinful sunday. I hope you drop in again very soon.

  8. I could have written something quite similar about the clash with private and public image and sometimes the wild divergence between the two.

    There’s a sort of idealised image in my head partly aided by hypnosis, but even then that image is not necessarily fixed. Sometimes there’s joy at a look that works and the same look the next day can cause despair.

    It’s an enigmatic last sentence and to understand it, the phrase – It takes one to know one – comes to mind.

    It is, as others comment, a lovely picture. Sometimes, I find that’s enough.

    1. Sometimes my friend asks me why I do it. Why do I dress up at home and take pictures of myself that way? Why do I keep them in places. Why do I seek out acceptance of that? I find it hard to answer sometimes. The answers are never clear but I guess a picture can sometimes make an unnatainable dream feel much closer.

      Big hugs you.

  9. For me, I would say Gypsy Tangerina is more female than male in this photo, as I found it sexually attractive when I looked.

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